Ultimate droprates

It seems after crucible was enabled droprates in main campaign dropped (no pun intended). I can barely get something in BoC runs on ultimate - 1 legendary in 3-5 runs for weeks now and with the amount of legendaries raised it means even less chance of getting needed items.
The same thing applies to nemesis and treasure troves too, I did Moose + Fabius + lower BoC runs ocasionaly meeting chtonic nemesis and did not get any single legendary from nemesis trove in 20 runs (that’s more than 40 nemesis troves) and 2 or 3 from treasure troves (60 troves in sum). What the hell is this? Moose and Ben aren’t in the list of ‘loosers’ nemesis with lowered droprates so then where’s their loot? :confused:

Does anyone got the same feeling or everybody facerolling glad crucible and doesn’t give a flying shit about main game droprates?

I got the same impression. After doing 10 Fabius runs with zero legendaries, I decided to stop wasting my time and farm Crucible instead.

You’re not alone. Farming Moose/Benn/Valdaran on Ultimate feels totally worthless. Most of the time they drop their blueprint (invisible and worthless, because it’s the 654th duplicate, instead of a new one), some components and perhaps an epic, but I cannot even remember when they dropped their last legendary.

Other than Crucible these are the absolute (and quite time-consuming) peak of farming and should consequently have adequate loot. Adequate would be a guaranteed non-duplicate blueprint or a guaranteed legendary, but not such crap.

Originally I planned to start a new character, but at the moment I’m so tired of this constant grinding and nerfing, that I’ll play some other game instead. Maybe I’ll return to GD when the expansion is released … maybe not …

That’s the point. But what if someone doesn’t want to farm crusible? I’ve been playing crucible for a while until I got sick of 40 min 15 fps (almost got cancer :rolleyes:) action fest on the screen. So i need to get used to fact that I never aquire needed item except super luck or trading? I remember this feeling in one game, it’s called Path of Exile and I’m fucking happy I could get over my addiction to it and never will play it again. It would be shame if GD goes the same route as PoE cause GD is the best ARPG i’ve played by far (including D2). But this loot “balancing” is killing it for me.

Arena fighting bores me to death and crucible is no exception. Such a circus may be a tool for power farming, but hasn’t too much to do with playing some game. (I bought it to support the devs, but stopped after playing it for 20 minutes and never touched it again.)

Seems like it all boils down to the fact that GD will be just yet another ARPG expecting you to invest thousands of hours full of mind-numbing farming to beat some stupid RNG mechanics, if you want most of the gear the game has to offer.

There’s not a single sign of this. In PoE player’s item progression is cockblocked twice: 1. by rarity of useful drops (both items and currency); 2. by quality of drops. The latter has a greater impact. As you’ve played it, you are aware that affix pool is intentionally diluted by crappy affixes. Playing this game for long, I also have the strong suspicion that probabilities of certain combinations of affixes are additionally weighted by a lot.

As long as Crate don’t mess too much with item quality and the possible combinations of affixes, there’s nothing to worry about.

If your only problem is the rarity of certain items, mind that it’s a subjective feeling and it may vary depending on your current luck.
Most of the developers of aRPGs add longevity and raplayability of their games by item rarity. The item hunt is what we are in. The excitement of a rare item drop.
Did Crate manage to achieve a good balance of item drop rate? Hard to tell. You find drops scarce, I find them ok. As I said it’s subjective.
Tried Crucible, disliked it, never replayed it. Stash is full of top tier legs by boss and dungeon runs.
So it depends.

Well It also seems to me that Nemeses drops are really not sufficient. Maybe I am out of the luck but… I think that drops even from Fabius could be a bit higher…
Just my opinion.

I have been facing the same issue and was planing to start a threat. I killed final boss at least 10 times he dropped just 2 legendary. killed Sharzul twice no legendary drop. Got 1 legendary from one of huge creatures during 2 BOC. It was not even a hero.Killed Mad queen twice, got only 2 epics.

[QUOTE=MaxGor90;443441]That’s the point. But what if someone doesn’t want to farm crusible? QUOTE]

Good question, i don’t like farming arenas too. I hope the drop rate lower than before is just an impression, and its not an intended choice.

To be honest, eventhough I rage a bit inside everytime I get a duplicated leg or no drop at all after a Nemesis or a BoC run, that is what is keeping me hooked.
Always the excitement as the boss dies to see whether I’ll have a juicy drop. And when it happens, I really am happy.
Compared to D3 where smart loot and drop rates just make you shrug as you destroy near-perfectly rolled items for the 10th time because you already have better after 2weeks in a season.

I agree that at the moment the Nemesis or Rogue-Like aren’t nearly as rewarding as I would expect them to be. Could make sense considering how many builds are able to beat them with average gear requirement. But not all Nemesis are easy for all builds, and rogue-like take a decent amount of time to complete.
I play crucible once in a while but enjoy more levelling crucible-only char than loot farming with it.

Farming is more enjoyable to me when there is exploring involved and requires searching for the right path or boss.
High difficulty, high reward, random-generated dungeons for, anyone? :smiley:

Of course a balance can be found but overall, i am happy to have something to farm for and not get drops too easily.

I started farming Sentinel recently. Very quick and direct runs: burrwitch village rift -direct run to hidden path - shortest direct run to Sentinel. I only stop to kill heroes. Each run takes 5min.

I did ~ 25 runs, and got ~8 legendaries + 2 blueprints (1 new helm, 1 unique Sentinel helm).

Your issue is that you farm wrong places/bosses.
If you want to farm dont rely on nemesis bosses, rely on heroes and purple bosses. Sentinel, Mad Queen, Cronley all have comparable, if not bigger chance to drop legendary then Fabius’s throve, from my experience.
Go to places with maximum amount of regular heroes, such as bee hives in twin falls, path to Sentinel, chtonic rifts. Pine barrens is also good because of 3 purple bosses in a small area.
You’ll get both legendaries + bloods/hearts + epics to disassemble into more bloods/brsins/hearts.

And what did you expect? Purple loot explosions?
If you were allowed to paint stash in purple in 15 runs total, what would be your motivation to run high tier bosses and what would happen in 100 runs. You’d have any item in game.

According to Nemeses - IMO tough bosses which can be found once in a blue moon, and require serious time investment even when intentionally farmed, should have a better drop table. Both their own loot and the special chest.
Nemeses which are easier to find (Fabius, Maiden), should have the same loot table as the rest, but have to be a deadly threat.
The double nerf on Fabius was a terrible idea.

It is true that nemesis farm is inefficient when compared to crucible. Because, nemesises can be hard to find and kill till you have good gear. In crucible nemesises are easier than campaign nemesises(their stats are lower) and it is guarenteed that you will find the enemy and finish the wave because they spawn next to u

I farmed moose+fab and all purple named and heroes and troves possible on the route (arkovian foothills - old arkovia - cronley - twin falls - hive - ark underground - SoT - BoC) so I had 1-2 leg per run. But the fact that actual nemesis give nothing and actual bosses and chests from rogue dungeons give also nothing is confusing. Also the amount of legendaries grows while droprates seemingly lowers. And also there’s a problem of dupes: i had the same legendary - Beacon of the Winter’s Veil - 2 runs in a row and it were the only legendries that dropped in those 2 runs. How the heck is it possible with honest randomizer?

I too love the feeling of lucky drop when you at last get that one item you need, that’s why i play only SF but when you need full set + 2 rings + ammy + legs and 3 new builds already grew in your mind. I simply gave up grinding for one of my char and started another build, and now this char is in exact same state and i’m trying my best to finish gearing him but don’t think it’s possible within any adequate time.

… which is completely contrary to my experience :wink: With the exception of Sentinel’s two blueprints, Queen/Cronley/Sentinel rarely dropped any legendaries during my runs (and I needed 88 Sentinel runs to get his two blueprints, so we’re not talking about bad luck in a handful of runs). Most of the epic/legendary gear you’re getting from Sentinel farming is from other enemies you’ll meet on your long way from Burrwitch Village Rift to the Sentinel, but not from the Sentinel himself.

Simple fact is that nemesis bosses on Ultimate (at least the non-nerfed ones) should drop the best loot. Period. You have to bring their faction status to nemesis. You have to find them (sometimes not finding them at all, especially Benn and Valdaran) and you have to beat them (which may be more or less easy, depending on your build). What more do you need to justify reliably good loot?

Agreed on all points.

Fabius is tough enough to be a challenge, he is still the strongest nemesis from the ones I’ve farmed (this does not include Iron Maiden anc Zantarin, but I faced both in Crucible a few times).
I agree that Valdaraan and Big Ben drop rates are not adequate for time needed to find them. But yoh can still farm other places/bosses and have tons of loot.

just bad luck about new set blueprints but legendaries drop like rain in my game(main: pyromancer) idk why but feel free try some areas like that:

  1. Cronley’s Hideout: 5~10 heroes, 1 boss, i don’t care about fabius (drop rate mehh, can 1 shot)
  2. Arkovian Foothills rift: check East (sometimes Moosilauke can spawn) then go to Spined Cove(near area Moosilauke can spawn) 2~5 heroes, 1 boss
  3. Old Arkovia rift: check South 4~7 heroes then go to Stirring Hive Entrance (ridiculous legendaries drop rate :smiley: 70% or more so can’t ignore) 2~4 heroes, 1 boss
  4. Twins Fall rift: 6~10 heroes, Moosilauke can spawn, check Swarming Hive Entrance(drop rate as same as Stirring Hive Entrance) then go Arkovian Undercity >10 heroes, 1 boss(Kilrian’s Shattered Soul for craft), trove chest, Moosilauke can spawn
  5. Broken Hills rift: run 1/2 map: 6~10 heroes, 1 boss(from hidden path quest) then go Step of Torment >10 heroes, 2 bosses, trevo chest, Moosilauke can spawn
  6. Deadman’s Gulch rift: check Mountain Deeps << just for trove chest, 1~2 heroes, 1 boss
  7. Hidden Laboratory rift: 3~6 heroes, 1 boss, Valdaran can spawn
  8. Homestead rift: check the Conflagration map: 3~5 heroes 1 boss(The Herald of the Flame << imo that thing good drop rate), Valdaran can spawn
  9. Rotting Croplands rift: find the nearest road to go to Gruesome Harvest: 3~5 heroes, 1 boss, Valdaran can spawn
  10. Gates of Necropolis: check north east, Valdaran can spawn
  11. Bastion of Chaos: 4~6 heroes 1 boss, trevo chest, Benn’Jhar, the Colossal can spawn << 80% on the bridge << seem 5%)
  12. Treasure trove chest location http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=660379177

Nice summary of the game’s possible farming spots, but the point still remains that the loot of hard to find (and often hard to fight) nemesis bosses just sucks.

Also I yet have to find any spot in the game with ridiculous legendary drop rate. Your 70% for Stirring Hive/Swarming Hive seems shamelessly exaggerated. Ronaprax as well as Ulraprax both have poor loot tables and will usually drop nothing but two Royal Jellies and a bunch of components. Most people seem to get about 4 to 5 legendaries from the other hero enemies there when nonstop farming Swarming Hive for an hour, which is far from 70%.

Remind me again what was it?

Are you referring to that his damage isn’t weapon dependent?