Ultimate Sentinel -- OMFGG!

Jeez, that guy is super pissed off.

I’ll be needing some help on this one guys. As it stands right now he’s a no way in hell equation. He’s already stripped me of a levels worth of xp and I’ve burned through a bunch of resources that were thin on the ground to begin with. I think I scratched him once.

Here’s my build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/dVbx0DmN

Strategy and tactical advice would also be useful, but here’s what I managed to learn while I was running away squealing:

Green cluster == bad, stay away from them
Everything he does is a one shot to my toon
His resists are off the charts and he heals way faster than I can output damage.
I managed to cheese him out of his enclave and that helped… like 0.5% helped.

I haven’t looked all that closely at the build, but the most obvious problem I see is you have nearly half the HP you should have. You want an absolute minimum of 10K, but 12K is what I shoot for as my minimum if I can help it.

I can’t see how I can double my health pool without completely nerfing the build somewhere else. 12k is, for all intent and purpose, double what I have. I could probably squeeze out maybe 1k – unless there’s something I’m unaware of component wise. So given your basic requirement on health, he is a no no for this toon until better gear and or a bleeding miracle happens.

He was a shock, nothing has come close to the terror that this guy is.

#dev give that dude a Xanex will ya!

I think main problems are you being an arcanist with 0 points in mirror, 1 pt in Maivens, not enough points in the aspect of the guardian and 1800 DA. Absurd low hp too, as bystander said. Honestly, I’d fear to go out of Devils Crossing gate with such stats, that you even got to Sentinel must be your pets doing. Sentinel is also notoriously cruel to pet builds by the way.

Here is an attemt to fix it somewhat https://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZorPnoV
Mirror should actually have 12 pt in AoM, but go try to get that.

I’m no expert on pet builds but your devotion seems all over the place too. Perhaps there is a plan behind it like doing damage through procs but it also lacks the stats for your character like hp and DA badly. Your gear does not provide much either.

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I’ve had relatively few issues with the build up until now. OK it’s no hardcore toon, but I take down a majority of the harder fights, even if I need a second stab at it. I use the pets to pin the target and then go in with ADCH and Sigils-- give a guy some credit :p. Devotions are damage through procs but I’ve been tuning this guy repeatedly so I may have undone something useful.


Why would I be picking 12 in AoG? Would that be for the physical resists? Also, 12 in hellfire, without Doom bolt being higher than 3, seems a bit off to me. That’s boosting Chaos and Fire but I do little to no fire damage and SW is middling in both builds. It’s a meager 50% boost that I can get from augments. My thinking on MSoP was 1/6th of the cost for 1/2 the benefit. And regarding MoE, it’s duration is so short and requires twitch – I’m not great at that. The gear is what it is and what I have. Should I be looking for something specific on an item that will improve the situation? I’ve mostly looked at armour, skill and damage boosting stats when opting for this or that hat.

Yes aspect of the guardian is for physical resist, armor and physical resist is everything in AoM.

Pet auras are for pets, are they doing damage? They can do higher with auras, but maybe thats not what you’re trying to do at all?


My thinking on MSoP was 1/6th of the cost for 1/2 the benefit.

When you get to ultimate level 100 you just need the highest value, end of story.

And regarding MoE, it’s duration is so short and requires twitch – I’m not great at that

Not good at pressing one button when at danger? How can mirror be too complex to use?

The tool tip states that Hellfire extends to allies within a 15m area, so that should be active for a majority of the time. That’s the same justification I made for adding a few more points into SP. Not the boost to the pet’s damage per se but the boost to my damage from the aura.

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The pets do damage and can solo heroes when I let them. This guy shotgunned the Hellhound, 3 fiends and my Harbinger with his first attack. :eek: And Oggy! Oggy nooooo!

Fair enough.

There’s nothing complex about it, I’m just old and slow :o Besides, a one-shot’s a one-shot: too late regardless.

I always thought when you play arcanist just a little you learn to use that one button whenever you need. Its like one of the core skills of the mastery and the reason you picked it. The flavour of the mastery.

Regarding stats and all, hp, DA and other defensive stats should be part of a plan just as much as offense and strategy, if you consider them secondary, to get somehow somewhere on gear maybe you stumble on a situation like this when you can’t progress. Maybe someone with more pet knowledge can fix it, I think it needs complete replanning from the ground up.

Also try avoiding his Ground stomp when he releases pikes all over the. That thing reduces your resitances a lot. He takes a long time to cast it

That’s like his only weak point that I’ve seen thus far: he telegraphs his attacks. But he’s so damn fast near those shards and even away from them he spams one attack after another. I was popping crystal shards too, and they’re 70% damage reduction – pfft! that’s what is says on the lable anyway.

He started out that way. He had CT, AEE+conversion at one point but I removed them to focus more on the Occult side of things. He never had MoE and did fine through Vet, Elite and all the way to Ikon (where he is in the story-line now) in Ultimate. This dude may well be his Achilles heal.

I tried to build him holistically. I hope a pet master can help out? Failing that I’ll just chalk it up to xp and move on in the main quest. Maybe try him again further on down the road.

His green crystals are a bitch yes.

Unfortunately i’m not quite savy yet when it comes to pet builds but with good setup you should be able to shred him before he manages to gain too much momentum. i assume you already took a look at Dashiv’s builds

Can’t find one of theirs relating specifically to Occultists but the devotion guide helped, thanks to you and to them. Seems like I’m missing a tier 3 or two and I should probably drop the vitality constellations too.

OK, so another two hours beating my head against this wall. No dice. I feel like I’m being trolled by the game right now. I don’t mind bloody hard or extremely challenging but this guy is a total anomaly to me. He’s making Log and Marcell look like part-timers.

I’m getting killed before the gate comes down, immediately after the gate comes down, before I can even get a cast off and sometimes out of nowhere for no apparent reason – it looks like I’ve been teleported out but I guess it’s his nullification spell or something – and if I lure him out and pop a rift he’ll be right next to it with an army to insta-stun-lock me the second I rift back in. I’ve tripled the damage output of my pets and altered my constellation and tactics but I’m not even close; not even a whiff of cigar.

Nothing in this game – all the way up to Fort Ikon on Ultimate – has come anywhere near the power this guy is projecting; unfortunately he’s projecting it all over me!

Seriously disheartening stuff.


Oh, and for some reason the stuff in that room is lvl 105-110?

I forgot to tell you to overcap your poison res. 12/12 aspect of the guardian. Also try to pump Wasting to debuff his OA. I also just looked at your skills. You have invested too much in some Pet abilities(drop infernal breath). You need mirror, Elemental balance for the % crit, use Nullify to deny Sentinel RR and other stuff, max maiven’s asap

:rolleyes: Cheers! Anything else before I go in for another round of masochism? :smiley:

I’m going to try a few more things but after that I’ll just get on with taking the trash out like Log! Or Marcell! Jesus… bloody … H … christ.


With BoD + pots I’m 20% overcap. Also, I’m supposed to have 100% skill disruption protection from Possession but I’m finding myself unable to use nullify or other skills regularly. It looks like interrupt, and I’m not having energy issues from him either so I don’t know what is preventing me from firing abilities. It’s not stun or entangle or entrapment either as I have mobility but can’t cast at certain times? The only other thing I can think of is silence but that’s not in this game, is it? It’s not classed as somatic?

Yes i edited some stuff :“I also just looked at your skills. You have invested too much in some Pet abilities(drop infernal breath). You need mirror, Elemental balance for the % crit (% crit supported by OA and attack speed is by far one of the most important pet statsend game), use Nullify to deny Sentinel RR and other stuff, max maiven’s asap”:smiley:

You have literally no Poison resist. Your gear is bad as well but I believe it’s your first character so don’t mind that. Just get massive poison resist (well 80%, that’s not really massive). Focus on HP too. The minimum HP you should have is your level * 100. I haven’t had any problems with him on any character in Ultimate. The only moment I have troubles fighting him is Normal, where I don’t care about my resistances because I use a skill and run around if I fight a boss. Just get at least 80% poison resist and there’ll be nothing hard with him.

It is at 80% when BoD is up, which is most of the time, but obviously there’s the chance that it isn’t at some point and then my resist ought to be base + pot if I have that right. That’d put me at 49% worst case scenario which I accept isn’t ideal.

Imagine him dealing 10 000 base damage when your poison resist is 0. If it’s 80%, he deals only 2k damage, if it’s 49%, he deals 5100 damage. And on ultimate, he deals about 5k base damage (if not even more) when you have no resist. You also have only 6k HP.