Unfinished widget text... [Forum master site]

Just a wee thing… The FAQ page (and the two pages to the right) all show the About page as “Simple Title”… teeny weeny “Oops!” Of course, clicking on the “About” page has it showing correctly.

Great find, but you really confused me with the broken links you posted… while Crate are creators, it’s not createentertainment.com :stuck_out_tongue:

So this is how it should look:

And this is what we get on the other three tabs:

It’s also not only Simple Title which should be About, but also Tos which should be Terms of Service.

@Zantai - our world has been on fire all this time…

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This seems to be a bug with Discourse itself, will probably have to wait for a new version to address this.

Alas, the forum will have to endure.

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One for the Shit List™ 8D

Also just spotted the Tos too… and the “title” attr for the “Privacy” mutters about a translation…

@eisprinzessin Which links are broken? Both seem to go exactly… ah… I put create not crate yes? Good spot! Just testing… (literally as it happens, 2.6k lines of js culled from a file and all remains stable… )