Unit Widgets (health bar) - make military units visible

As for now we have 3 possible modes for Unit Widget display: 1. Off, 2. Wounded health bar, 3. Full info.
It would be really useful, if we have also mode where only military units have visible widget, possibly with enemies/wildlife.

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I second this motion though I’d take it a bit further to be able to toggle unit info by groupings, i.e., laborer, builder, farmer, child, archer, horseman, deer, boar, etc. Perhaps a hotkey to bring up a wheel from which each grouping can be chosen. But I wouldn’t limit it to just toggling the unit info by groupings. I’d also add in a unit grouping UI that provides some custom actions for each grouping or any individual from each grouping. For example, I select farmer from wheel, their info displays and they are highlighted, and a small UI appears with a listing of farmers and options. I can then select all or check/uncheck from list then send my preferred number of farmers to till or work a specific field thus overriding the games choice on what they do. Or I can choose hunters then select the appropriate ones from the UI and send them to take out a wolf den or clear an area of boar. Or send foragers to gather a specific resource within a certain range. Or select laborers and send a group to do a specific task such as stock homes with firewood. This would help us combat some of the issues with what are people are doing versus what we want them to be doing.