Unpathable Terrain, Bug or no?

I have run into it again, this time two tile kitty corner to eachother, tiles mark unpathable. Is this a bug or is this considered “normal”. I ask because I don’t want to create bug threads that shouldn’t made, but at the same time it puts a real kink in village layout :smiley:

do they stay after restarting map?

Like load and save? Yes

These things can happen when a map dips to a certain depth enough to consider it “shore” but not enough to see water.

It’s a thing that ATM is not, but should be fixed with the terrain tool.

I had a map with a 1 square puddle that could not be ever fixed by flattening terrain.

Unfortunately, based on what the devs said about the interactions with water, I don’t think it will be fixed before a DLC.

I could see that, but if you look at that screen shot you will see that it is significantly above the shoreline depth. I wonder if there is another factor like that doing it?

Yes, and that’s why only a couple of squares are inaccessible, at least that’s my theory: in that point the map generator started to build a shoreline then immediately stopped, the shoreline does not really have a “height” limit, just a proximity limit.

If it’s part of the ‘yellow’ shore-buffer, yer poked.
If not, whip out your T-tool and do a 4 square dance over 'em.
That should allow you to proceed.

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