Unstoppable Lord of the Crucible Achievement?

Complete the Crucible on Gladiator Difficulty with the 6th Spawn Point active.

What in the world does this mean? Anyone knows how to complete this?

You have to tell Lokarr that you know he can do better. After choosing that option, he’ll activate another spawn point and increase the difficulty by that by around 20% if not more.

I’m not sure it’s more difficult, other than you getting another spawn point on the map and more mobs to fight. The individual mobs should be the same strength.

Sorry if this sounds stupid, but i don’t understand how to get this achievement.

When i complete Gladiator 100-150 with extra spawn and choose to take on Crucible again, it costs 5 tributes and gets me back to wave 130.

i tried “raise the stakes” and then “you can do better than this”.

It took another 15 tributes and brought me back from wave 130 to 100, ok, i finished it (2 Zantarins healing Moosilauke, nice) - and nothing again.

I am a bit pissed off and would appreciate detailed guidance as to how to do it exactly.

You probably have to beat wave 170 with extra spawns.

No, this achievement was introduced before AoM so 170 is definitely not required.

If someone can help, i will be most grateful.

why care about achievements? they give you no bonus but just meanless numbers

You don’t raise the stakes if you’re on your second run. You just directly activate extra spawn by telling Lokarr he can do better and start immediately. You’ll be starting at 130 with that. Raising the stakes makes you start lower AND spend more tributes.

It means exactly what it says. You have to complete the crucible, which goes to wave 170.

The Achievement requires you to defeat Wave 150, as we did not move the goal post up when the more difficult waves were introduced.

We’ll update the achievement text accordingly.

Why care about anything in the game at all? It’s just meaningless sounds and colors.

Thanks for advice, however i still don’t get it

I complete 100-150 with extra spawn, then i choose to continue from 130 with extra spawn as you say, i complete 130-150 - and it still does not work, seems i keep completing it with only 5 spawn points instead of 6.

I am certain my Pet Conjurer can handle this challenge but can’t understand how to activate it.

What am i doing wrong, please?

Well, i tried following combinations to get this achievement - all on Gladiator difficulty (spoiler: nothing worked):


  • complete normal 100-150, collect reward, restart on wave 130 with extra spawn, completed it - nothing. Did 2 more runs 130-150 with extra spawn in direct continuation - nothing

Path 2:

  • completed 100-150 with extra spawn, collect reward, restart on wave 130 with extra spawn, completed it - nothing, ok, collected rewards, did another 130-150 - no achievement.

Path 3

  • completed wave 100-150 with extra spawn, collected reward, wasted more tributes to restart at wave 100 + extra spawn, completed it - and nothing!

Guys, i am out of ideas how which steps to take in order to get this achievement.

Any fresh thoughts, pls?

Try to do it 1 - 150 with extra spawn.

To get this achievement, do you need complete waves 1-150 with the extra spawn or can you start at 100? Thanks!

Thanks for advice, so i opt to start at wave 1 with extra spawn, complete 1-150, and what next option should i take?

Completed 1-150 with extra spawn, then went to checkpoint at 130 wave and resumed with extra spawn, completed 130-150 with extra spawn = no achievement.

Does it mean i have to complete 1-150 with extra spawn and then to resume at wave 1 with extra spawn?

How am i suppose to activate the 6th spawn point?

There is no 6th spawn point…

  1. Start Grim Dawn
  2. Select our charakter
  3. Select Crucible, gladiator difficulty
  4. Press ‘Start’
  5. Talk to Lokarr
  6. Tell him “I think you can do better”
  7. Agree (Standard Crucible with Extra Spawn)
  8. Fight through wave 1-150
  9. Get achievement

steps 1-8 done, achievement does not appear. Guess i just have to give up, unfortunately.
Edit: or i am supposed to continue to wave 151 to get this achievement now?