Upgrade Housing Manually - v0.7.4

Wanted to post this yesterday, as it was valid for v.0.7.3, but ran out of posts.

When auto upgrade is turned off, the button to upgrade housing manually does not function.
res 3840x2160 @ 1.5 UI scale

Additionally, if auto-upgrade is turned on and a home begins the upgrade (changes to build site) and the auto-upgrade is turned off before the building is finished, the UI check box for allowing building will uncheck itself preventing the player from controlling if an upgrade happens regardless of the auto-upgrade being disabled/enabled. However, the building site can still be “prioritized” despite being restricted.


I realized after posting this that someone wrote on a similar topic:

However, I still think the UI elements need to be modified to make it more clear to a player.

Since manual upgrades are off the table, perhaps allowing the player to set a limit would be helpful in managing resources/work load.

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