Upgrade iron and tools

No matter what I do I can never make enough iron or tools. I have had towns with over 6 foundries and enough iron ore and coal to feed them and still there is not enough iron. Also, the blacksmiths can never make enough tools, can something be done about that?

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In my current run, I have 13 smelteries fully staffed and I barely get enough iron to feed my blacksmith workshops and other industries, to the point that I still need to import it when merchants come around. Also, the tools are an even bigger issue. This was mentioned before, but right now, as soon as infants become children, they equip tools even though that makes no sense since they don’t have jobs. Hope they fix that issue, because tools always disappear way faster than my 6 blacksmith workshops can produce.


6 blacksmiths sounds like a lot.
For how many villagers are they making the tools?
What else are they making?

I’m on 1500~ population now, and between 2 blacksmiths they keep the supply of tools up. I buy some occasionally and keep around 300 tools in stock constantly.
My blacksmiths are set to make:
10 tools / 1 heavy tools &&
10 tools / 1 heavy weapon

I just reached 3500 pop in my town. The ratio on my blacksmith’s workshops is 10 tools to 1 heavy tool, 1 weapon and 1 heavy weapon. To have a comfortable buffer on tools, I generally keep more than a 1000 in storage, so I still need to buy tools from merchants to maintain that cushion.