Upgrade several walls

Upgrading entire village’s wall is really long: Clicking one, then upgrade, then prioritize maybe
So it could be cool to select many walls and click one time to upgrade it all


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Use the Manage Walls button on the bottom right of the screen to highlight bigger sections for upgrading.

Do note that there seems to be a bug with upgrading large sections atm so try and make sure your labourers and builders don’t have other jobs to do.


yes but this wall key does not include prioritisation when building walls…that still has to be laboriously done one segment at a time across your entire wall span… a task that wastes huge amounts of time, let’s hope this is added to wall creation or you can highlight a build span of wall or fence and say ‘prioritise’ … doing it manually across literally hundreds of tiny segments is one of the most tiresome things in the game right now… not sure why it was never included in the first place…

Please add a prioritize button in the manage walls section.


Because until the recent build the walls were built quickly. Only some change caused a bug where only 3 workers are working on ALL walls, instead of 3 workers PER wall section.


That’s exactly the behavior I’ve seen. Any estimate on when it will be fixed?

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