Upgraded houses maintenance and rebuild cost

After riders hit hard, i lost most of my stuff and and villagers and had to turn off everything besides food stuff. I started to get notices about builders falling behind with repairs so i desperately tried to have enough builders. It turns out that upgraded houses actually required bricks and this production line i had turned off because labor / builder count needs. After few years the buildings stopped working and finally they collapsed and i had no info that i need bricks to keep these buildings up and running.

I think it does not make sense that i need stone and bricks to keep building functioning. The whole point of having hard walls like this is that they don’t need repairs every 10 or 50 years. Even if some stone/brick wall collapses by catapult - near 99% of the stones and 90% of the bricks should be reusable with some cleaning in the rubble.

For wooden houses it is OK to do some roof maintenance every 10 years and walls maintenance every 50 years. Any smaller yearly fixes should not require too much extra resources and work. Roughly i would say that 20% of the house wood cost or 10% of plank cost should be enough as maintenance requirement over 10 years.

No new clay, stone or bricks should be required unless building is destroyed by catapult or fire.

Rams should only take down building door or gate - they should not tear down the whole structure. Something similar to when raiders getting access to vault - health is half way down, it means doors are open - they take stuff and leave - no need to try to take down walls unless they intentionally set the building in fire if full destruction is their plan. Ahh sorry, this is already off topic, but i already made too many new topics here recently.