Hello guys, can anyone tell me exact info about this skill please =) Is it procs only on base attack\savagery\fire strike…\cadence charges or cadence charged? can it proc on skills like Feral Hunger or Zolhan’s technic?

Upheaval is treated like a WPS so yes it can also proc on default weapon attack replacers like Savagery, Fire Strike and Cadence (though keep in mind the 3rd hit on Cadence overwrites all WPS including Upheaval, only the first 2 swings can proc it).

Since it is a WPS, it cannot proc alongside others, what this means is that if you for example get a crit on Markovian’s Advantage, then Upheaval will not proc. It is therefore detrimental to have any other WPS skills if your intent is to focus on spamming Upheaval.

thanks, its exactly what i want to know)

Sorry to revive this old conversation, but - Does this also mean that if a WPS crits, it will not trigger upheaval?

So if you have lots of WPS skills, then it’s unlikely that Upheaval will proc? Is that right? Or does Upheaval trigger instead of the WPS on all crits?

Correct. So if you want Upheaval to maximally proc, you don’t want any WPS besides Upheaval.


If you want to really focus upheaval here is the best build around it.

You can make a good warder with avenger set too. Also going for veil keeper set is a good option as well.


Has anyone tested Blazerush properly as well? It’s the only other item that tries to support it.

I made with Archon, then saw savagery will change a lot so I let it rest till next patch. High OA is haed to reach though; I reached 3k + Crushing Verdict, didn’t saw that much upheaval procs so combined with Feral and Smite for more consistent damage output.

It wouldn’t hurt if some OA added to it. Damage was pretty mediocre since it’s impossible to reach %100 phys>fire and the min-max value of the weapon is too wide.

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Untested/unfinished, I was looking at something like this for blazerush - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YVWe5J7N

High OA, nice fire rr etc…

Sorry to interrupt, but I’ve seen a few mentions of people knowing what will happen in the next patch (like with pack of treacherous means losing its elemental to pierce conversion for example) . Just want to know where you all get that info :slight_smile:

You definitely need to move those 3 points from Lion to Ghoulish Hunger, Yellow Crossroad and the Torch node with 100% Fire damage :wink: Also I believe that for 1pointing Heart of the Wild there should be 1 week temporary bans for try-harding.

[edit] w8 these were nitpicks but where did the Attack Speed go? You don’t play auto-attacker with 117% AS.
you need to change some (rather most) of these: components, Kraken, maybe other devotions, gloves, rings, Reckless power etc and bump it up a lot

By following/participating in arguments that happens to be replied by Z. And ofc by reading the changelog Public Test Changelog: V1.1.9.2 Most of my builds will change partially according to this changelog and some will be completely altered by those changes so I have no build to play except farming :smiley:

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Maybe you miss cool threads because you browse the forum by categories
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And those that I don’t want to see, i.e. pests and retard wardorks, I just mute.
You can even mute the whole categories, i.e. modding, if that doesn’t interest you.

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Yes yes, I did say it was unfinished :stuck_out_tongue: It was a throw together thing to give an idea of what the build was going to become, just a proof of concept. Obviously not a finished work :stuck_out_tongue: It should have kraken and a whoooole bunch of other things going on with it.

In my opinion that’s too rough for a proof concept because if you make an auto-attacker you actually need to make sure you can get good attack speed imo. I don’t know, it’s not always very easy I think and sometimes getting it to a good level while not sacrificing other things can be quite challenging.

I dunno, it took me 2 seconds to rework the devotions for more weapon damage and attack speed.


I think the draft concept shows promise, is maybe a better way of describing my intention of sharing it.

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https://www.grimtools.com/calc/L2JRj4E2 ?

Rough draft too, some of the resists need work.