Upheavel+Inquisitor WPS feedback.

Hello, fellow minmaxers =) Its time to do some tests.
Original build: http://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZoW37oZ
Relic is crafted for +1 Explosive stuff, +1 Storm spread.
So , the tests
1)Original build, all WPS maxed, no upheavel 3 dummy kills 1.45 minute cleartime 35 sec average
2)Original build, all WPS maxed, upheavel maxed instead of WoR
4 dummy kills 2.2 seconds. 35 second average
WTF? It dosent work at all!
3)Bursting rounds and chilling rounds dropped to 7/10 for 100% chanse of activation. Extra points spend to cap Arcane Empowerment and Deadly aim
3 dummy kills 1.38 minute 33 sec average.
4)No points in Bursting rounds and chilling rounds . Put 4 point in Ranged expertise for 1% attack speed. 3 kills 1.44 minute 35 sec average
Upheavel is bugged and dosent work. Or whatever. Don’t touch it. All WPS perform well and should be maxed if you have points to spare.

Thank you for testing this. I was struggling with upheaval on a build and was curious if I was just doing it wrong or the darned thing was broken.

Yeah figured as much, it’s not working after all. If it’s working for Fluff (as he pointed out in a different thread) then it means they have solved this and the fix will reach us next patch/hotfix

Surprised you tested it so quickly :eek:

Thanks :smiley:

Er…it’s working, it competes with regular WPS skills for activation.

If you reach 100% WPS procs, you can’t trigger Upheaval cause you’ll never have a non-WPS crit.

So it contributes to single target? From what I’ve observed it seems strike everything around the single target.

I’m counting something wrong?
25% for Ferral, 20% for Bursting 20% For chilling and 20% For spread. It should fill the gap with Huuuge dmg in remaining 15% , when crit proc.

So you’re testing an aoe for single-target?

It’s doing what it was created to do. Strike enemies around the target.

Great, got penalized again for not reading skill description

So it dosent work on target? I hope it work off-target cause I don’t see any impact from it in the game.

I don’t know about Dot’s but i could almost swear upheval flat dmg stacks on single target, as it should considering it’s unreliability and investment.

As for proccing it procs fine all the time with good OA

I can see the animation, but cant see the dmg. At 13/20 it should do quite a bit but well, dummy dont lie :roll:

You have good eyes if you can see animation in all that:D

I’ll make a video too to study proc closer

Doesn’t Upheaval actually deal no damage to the enemy you are targeting but instead to enemies in the area of the shockwave? Might explain why you can’t see damage.

Yeah, this has always been a thoroughly goofy mechanic, even though (or especially because) it’s intended.

I find upheaval one of the skills with less sense in the game. Not only it doesn’t work on your target, but you have to sacrifice your single target dps (go WPS less) in order for it to proc at reasonable rate. I don’t know, maybe it’s more useful for crucible?

It deals 100% weapon damage to primary target. All other targets take %Weapon Damage, listed in Upheaval description.

Upheaval sucks. Dont use it if you have 2+ WPS, and otherwise, use it only if you use to for some on-crit proc.

It does actually deal damage to the target.

Well, at least it dosent decrease kill time :roll:

To my understanding when you roll Upheaval your primary target takes damage from just from Savagery and everyone around it take weapon damage from Upheaval. Which makes this skill totally useless especially when it competes with other wps. Why not make it proc on top of other WPS? Or if it rolls instead of WPS make it do primary target damage too, because GD meta is build in a way that you want to do most damage to the target you are hitting at the moment. And Upheaval is taking away that single target damage, because I hit my single target harder with any other WPS (and often targets near it, because some wps are AOE).

Yeah, after testing it with normal attack some more, it clearly deals no damage to the target. The damage comes from the auto attack because with Upheaval or without it, the damage was the same.

So yeah, it sucks hard.