Urgent April News (April Fools!)

I know, I know, we just had an expansion. How is it possible that we already have big news for you? Sometimes you just gotta be First to April news.

The latest patch notes are already waiting for you with v4.1.1.9, which you can read about here, but this dev update is about the biggest features in this BIG list of changes.

Today, we’d like to talk to you about the exciting news about the exciting new way to play Grim Dawn: the Non-Lethal Mode!

We realize that thus far Grim Dawn has been grossly limited to merely slaughtering your foes by the thousands, but what if there could be more to the ARPG genre? Well, today we’re really putting the A in ARPG. By that we mean Argument of course!

In Grim Dawn’s Non-Lethal Mode, you can really bring the pain to your foes, with words! Don’t just spam your attacks, let them know how much you loathe them. Don’t swing that sword, swing your tongue!

When v4.1.1.9 ships on or before April 1st 2099, you will crush your enemy’s…feelings. This mechanic pairs perfectly with our Paramour System, announced strangely exactly one year ago.

This thrilling new gameplay also coincides with our announcement of Grim Dawn’s 10th mastery: the Bureaucrat!

Bureaucrat Legendary Set!

This mastery rounds out our repertoire of masteries, filling a much-needed skill gap with abilities such as Red Tape and Stamp of Approval. Your enemies won’t know what hit them when you treat them to some Litigation.

“Bureaucrats hail from the mysterious capital city of Erulan, now fully ensnared by the vile Aetherials. Having lost their center of operations, Bureaucrats have scattered across the fallen nation, offering their unique set of skills to all (un)willing survivors. Bureaucrats do not specialize in any particular weapon, but they are experts at dialogue and non-lethal interactions.”

As you can see, the Bureaucrat is undoubtedly going to be an unstoppable force in our new game mode. We honestly can’t wait to get it in your hands, but there’s a lot of paperwork we have to fill out first.

Take a look below for some of the skills you can look forward to as a bustling young Bureaucrat.

Red Tape
”An ancient art passed down from Bureaucrat to Bureaucrat. Lash out at your foes with the Red Tape, ensnaring them where they stand until they perish to the endless delays.”

Do not underestimate the power of Red Tape. Ensnare your enemies in an endless haze of distractions and delays until they succumb to their inevitable fate…a declined application.

”Slam your foe with a lawsuit capable of disabling their abilities. Lesser enemies may find themselves unable to approach you at all without facing fines or jail time.”

A powerful foe keeping you down? A well-timed lawsuit can put a stop to their abilities and keep them at least 500 feet away from you at all times.

Curse of the Queue
”Mark your enemies with the curse of the Queue. The Queue is an ancient source of power for the Bureaucrats that can be deadly to those not trained to manage its infinity.”

This intense ability marks your foes for a lengthy queue in the central office, where they can proceed to be slain in the order their number is called.

”All Bureaucrats are masters of debate, having been presidents of their school debate team as youngsters. Only a fool will engage a Bureaucrat in such a manner, but when they do, they will soon learn the error of their ways and exactly why in carefully practiced response prompts.”

None are more prepared to handle non-lethal confrontations than the Bureaucrat. Simply engage in discourse with your foes and bring this passive bonus to life through extended dialogue options.

The Bureaucrat mastery is sure to shake up the meta when it is released to you later this existence. You can look forward to these amazing class combinations:

  • Bureaucrat + Soldier: Compliance Officer
  • Bureaucrat + Demolitionist: DMV Clerk
  • Bureaucrat + Occultist: Illegal Analyst
  • Bureaucrat + Nightblade: Litigator
  • Bureaucrat + Arcanist: Lead Associate Executive of the Arcane Outreach Subcommittee
  • Bureaucrat + Shaman: Consultant
  • Bureaucrat + Inquisitor: Special Counsel
  • Bureaucrat + Necromancer: Lobbyist for Undead Affairs
  • Bureaucrat + Oathkeeper: Judge

Happy April 1st!

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Looking forward to the new mastery

Just be sure to make it possible to team kill any bureaucrats in MP.

The funniest thing about this is that if I could actually do that, in-game, I wouldn’t need the Steam forum anymore.

Also, @Zantai - this is the most work you’ve had to put into a Misadventure for some time now!

Dat Bureaucrat illustration makes me want to try it…Well played, Crate, well played! :smiley:

I will remind u when this date occurs, Zantai

When v4.1.1.9 ships on or before April 1st 2099, you will crush your enemy’s…feelings

you don’t know my true… power

Hahahaha hilarious! cant wait for the new mastery

Don’t respect the bureaucrats, they’re just robots.

I have to say the new Mastery is allready looking overpowered. :wink:

Lol XD

On a serious note, Judge actually sounds cool for a mastery combo :wink:

Brilliant… From a Lobbyist for Undead Affairs :D:D

Ah, beautiful.
Will there be a new challenge dungeon where we have to get a pass?

can Judge spam Jugdement with 100% CDR and 0 mana cost ?

Can’t wait to put my Lead Associate Executive of the Arcane Outreach Subcommittee together; AAR + Litigation sounds amazing!

That new mastery is superb. Need to play it asap !

Haha nicely done! Can’t wait to use my Intern minions with this class.

Bureaucrat + Oathkeeper: Judge

Guess he’ll wear the Marauder’s set.

I want this to be real.

Is it really that sad to admit, like the “Romancing” Idea last year, that this features could be truly funny and interesting to play if properly done xD?

It would really be a huge twist in the Game, instead of fighting them, to argue with them? I would love to have an legendary ace attorney set…

Now that’s an April 1 comment with production value