Using the Work Area Halo to Manage Without Micromanaging

Problem: a main premise of the game is managing logistics and efficient travel time but there are few player controlled tools to achieve this.

building houses close to far off work places does not house the villagers who work close by
farmers will work on all fields regardless of distance between fields

Proposed solution:
Workers: Add the controllable work area halo to housing to set the radius in which an inhabitant will accept employment. I think this would be a midway solution between the current functionality and full player control.

Farmers: Add a farm shed or tools shack as small T2 building with the same kind of model as the forager shack or the rat catcher. This building could manage up to 12 farmers and again uses a work area halo to designate hot farms in your area.

It can be tempting to see something new that does not work in a way you expect and assume it needs fixing when in reality you just need to learn that new system. I didn’t want to post any feedback until I had taken some time to process what is me fighting with the game or expecting something different. I like this game and the way it works so I tried to think of existing game mechanics that would help manage the points that I feel most difficult to currently manage.

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