Using UI Scale makes Trading Post UI appear partely outside screen

When I use UI Scale (1.2 at 1440p) and click on the trading post, the window always appears partely outside of the screen, so i have to always drag it back into the screen.


Você pode tentar diminuir o tamanho da escala da interface do game.
em configurações de gráficos > EUI

Why don’t you write in english? Also turning of UI Scale is fixing it obviously but it also makes the UI way to small. Don’t understand why you would post that.

porque voce não usa o tradutor ? kkk
postei porque tive o mesmo problema que voce, e no meu caso resolveu ajutando a escala de interface do game.
Só estou tentando te ajudar :kissing_heart:

I am posting a bug about “UI Scale makes trader post UI disappear” and you think you help by telling me not to use UI Scale. Still don’t get your logic but thanks for the help.

I also like my UI at 1.25 (1440p 27in). Same issue, have to constantly drag the Trading Post UI into frame.

I need my UI large or I can’t play!

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