UI scaling of WIP Town Center placement window broken at 1440

TL;DR: At 2560x1440 resolution, the initial placement window for the Town Center is half off-screen at the very start of a new settlement at 1.2x UI scaling. (See screenshot several replies below.) A Crate designer has replied saying that it will be fixed in v0.8.3.

There are two existing posts from August of last year, but both of them are now closed with no indication that they’re being worked on for x1440 resolution.

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I see that UI scaling at 4K is a known issue and it is noted that 4K gaming is still relatively niche. However, gaming at 2560x1440 is a lot less niche. The only response I saw from Crate on either of those closed issues was about 4K, so I wanted to make sure this didn’t fall through the cracks.

I’m certain that this will get solved eventually; I’m just hoping that the UI scaling issues can get considered for a priority bump.

(Unrelated note: I just did the math and Grim Dawn with all the expansions has only cost me $0.047 per hour, so thanks, Crate!)

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This is my Town Center window at 1.2x scaling at 1440p

What are you referring to?

The trading post issue in those links was unrelated to resolution and was an issue specific to the trading post and UI scaling, which had been addressed.

EDIT: new town, same settings

At the very beginning of the game when I’m trying to place the very first Town Center. I didn’t post a screenshot because the other posts had screenshots. I’ll post one now:

Oh that…that wasn’t even supposed to go out in that build as it’s not finished.

Don’t worry, it will be correctly positioned in v0.8.3.

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Ok, sounds good. Thanks!

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