V0.7.6 Inconsistency Tools price with recipe

Producing Tools doesn’t make sense with current prices and recipe.
Iron base price: 11
Tools base price: 30
Tools base price should be 44 or recipe should require 2-3 Irons.

Actually, by this logic it should be around the 50gp mark (the price of the coal should be added). But “tools” is a bit generic for me (personal opinion, not stating it’s a bug) and light tools for lighter jobs (like crude weapons I guess) at a reduced recipe cost would be good.

Just reduced recipe cost in Iron would be good.

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But is it really iron? Mixing iron and coal we should be getting steel :slight_smile:

there are many inconsistent prices

furniture is below 60 gold base price
costs 12 wooden planks which are worth about 120 base price

barrels the same
2 iron and 4 planks are 60 gold, but trading value for a barrel is about 30 gold

crossbows, 4 iron 2 planks is also 60 gold, trading value is 40 gold

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