V0.9.1 Preview

v0.9.1 will be entering the public playtest in the near future, so we thought you may want a heads up on what’s included in this update!

There’s a lot going on under the hood in this update to address some AI bugs and of course bring you the new mechanics.

This is another step on the way to v1.0, and all of the features we outlined in our latest State of Early Access post.

This changelog may be updated further as we approach the playtest, so consider this a preview:

Table of Contents
Major New Features


[Major New Features]

  • Raider camps are now generated on the map. These nefarious foes will readily plunder your fledgling settlement, but you will have the opportunity to wipe them off the map to postpone future raids and earn some loot in the process. Oh, how the tables have turned! This feature requires rolling a new map as raider camps cannot be generated retroactively.
  • Crypts have been added to the game. These hallowed buildings allow you to respectfully store hundreds of your town’s deceased in a much smaller space.
  • Droughts can now occur, which prevents rainfall and damages crop harvests. Certain crops are more resistant to drought conditions.

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  • You can now manually set the display monitor for the game in the video settings.
  • Debug information has been added for the villagers stuck issue. If you experience this issue and a message appears on your screen, please send us the log that was generated!
  • Fixed an issue where building placement tooltips could overlap the building…placement.
  • Fixed an issue where occupation slots would become empty and could not be filled.
  • Fixed an issue where hunters can get stuck in a loop with traps.
  • Fixed an issue where herders would not perform any tasks besides herding.
  • Fixed an issue where production buildings would restock when there was only space for a couple additional items despite there being enough materials to produce goods.
  • Fixed an issue where production limits would disable desirability effects on buildings (ex. Bakery).
  • Fixed an issue where preserves were not preventing scurvy.
  • Fixed an issue where villagers would continue to retreat after the threat was dealt with.
  • Fixed an issue where hunters would sometimes retreat from a wounded boar.
  • Fixed an issue where raid notifications may show inaccurate raider counts.
  • Fixed an issue where raiders could telepathically attack buildings at a distance when dealing with sheer cliffs.
  • Fixed an issue with wounded villagers continuing to perform tasks.

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  • Increased population growth in 700+ population towns.
  • Lookout Tower guards are now in stasis and remain in their post without the need to stock.
  • Villagers now resume their regular tasks sooner than soldiers/guards when given manual move commands.
  • Soldiers and Guards now have priority over hunters for grabbing weapons.
  • The Annual Report now has a keybind.

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  • Birth rates in Barns now scale with number of Herders, based on the size of the herd. Having insufficient herders to maintain your herds can result in reduced birth rates.
  • Cows can now go rogue and seek out nearby unfenced crops.

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When can I play

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Looking forward to this!

i would like to know either… the playtest code does not work anymore…

It will work once the new patch is in playtesting.

ah ok thanks for the info!

If you’ve already playtested a patch before you won’t even need the code. You’ll just need to select the playtest branch from the drop down in Betas to install it.

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How can I apply for a code to test this next beta?

FAQ down in the Public Test Discussion section of the forum.

Yes, I know but the code there is not valid anymore.

Because there isn’t a playtest going on atm. When v0.9.1 goes into testing that code will work. If’ you’ve already tested before then you don’t even need the code, just select the playtest branch in the drop down in Betas.


Does “near future” mean before the end of the year ???

@medea_fleecestealer probably has the exact timing in the past instances, but I believe it has generally been less than a month between announcing a new ‘patch’ and having available for Playtest.

my code dissapeared so I’m going to assume it will pop back on when they launch the next playtest patch

As said, if you’ve already playtested before you’ll just need to select the playtest branch under Betas, no need for the code unless Zantai decides he needs to change it for some reason.

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I have been playtesting und there is no Beta Branche for me yet. When does this start?

Playtest date has not been released yet.

I want to ask if these raid camps spawn again after being destroyed?


When can we use the calavry?

Will be in a later patch it seems, they’re not in this one.

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