V1.0.0.8 Discussion - Commando and Witchblade

MQ 14 secs of facetanking with SJ elementalist. BWC sorc 30 secs with minimal to none amount of kitting tho BWC has DOT dmg.

P.S. Maybe dummy kill time is stupid for you but its only reliable measure of single target dmg output in game.

Really? Can you please explain me why than I get constant questions is this or that build optimized for gladiator crucible?

All those things you mentioned are on disposal to any sorcerer build ie PRM, CT, TSS or w/e and yet not even single one of them dont perform as well as BWC build.

PRM and CT perform just as well maybe a little below, obviously TSS doesnt as it isnt spammable and has no business being compared to a spammable skill.
PRM and CT just don’t have built in flat resist reduction.

With all do respect is not ˝maybe a little below˝ but so much below that its not even wort comparing. And that is not just because of BWC as a skill is/was op but also because of itemization available for BWC build.

reall? maybe because mirror is 30s compared to BS which is 12s?

That video was triggered by our discussion. I had been wantenting to make a SS 2xMQ claw build and I worked on it to achive top fabius kill. It has a special setup to kill fabius like that. So I guess in some way it is/was possible.

I wanted to post that but not anymore because:

  1. Crate nerfs good performance
  2. Point 1 has already occured. After countless patches of nerfs they cut Belgothian proc in half to 1 sec cd
  3. Nidalla’s legwraps were also nerfed with an whatever proc that is defensive.

aight recorded one 100-150 crucible cleared in 21min54sec (kinda slow compare to the average but w/e)

Enjoy the OPness. :cool:

I think it’s more accurate to say Crate nerfs bandwagon jumping, unless it’s nerfing something they see as truly breaks the game (like CDR breaker).

It’s one thing to have outperforming builds on their own. It’s another thing entirely have the vast majority of what the community considers “endgame builds” to start looking awfully similar, and for people to be actively steering new players toward those builds as the One True Way.

Of course there are so many different buffs and nerfs in any given patch that it’s impossible to give one explanation to fit them all.

This build Really seems to thrive in cruci with the bonuses and low monster stats.

Didn’t think BWC spam would look so good.

And very good choice in music. It will make subsequent nerfs sweeter:D

If that Bullshit goes live, I will scrap all my chars for good and just stop playing and give a NEGATIVE score for this game on steam. Such a massive nerf, crates logic is just pure clown magic.

Thank you for trying to blackmail us with a review, but the nerf was warranted and is going through.

However, the nerf also comes with adjustments to monsters, so I doubt you’ll notice it nearly as much as you seem to think you will.

Is not easy to deal with people sometimes isn’t it?

Perhaps it would help if we knew just how much, and in what way, monsters are being nerfed.

Can you give us any details about that?

Sorry some people are getting so bent out of shape. I know you guys are doing what you believe is best for the game.

well :smiley: i warn you from now on this is gonna be medium wall of text :wink:

i kindly asked you to record main campaign, and i had 3 reasons

  1. i dont play crucible a lotcleared around 10 times , and i dont care crucible performance a loti am ignorant dont mind me
  2. superfluff striked faster than me, crucible mobs die like a fucking fly compare to main campaign, gap is HUGE… but w/e
  3. you have tons of buffs…
  • well build has good aeo clear for sure, due to spammable and dot nature of bwc.
  • on the other hand, at wave 110 it took 55 secs to kill iron maiden… 55 secs with tons of buffs of crucible, and trash stats of iron maiden, and no you couldnt even facetankd her alot. similar story for fabius. kinda same story for zantarin. but overally i rate boss kill speed really so good.dont care dummy performances, thats wtf i was talking about it dummy vs 55 sec crucible iron maiden

    finally, you are wearing one of best set in game, and i am kinda sure you have GG MI’s aswell with all that gear pls clear crucible right?… its awesome caster performance but, ima say this and add a notch,

calling this build OP and claiming its gonna be nerfed from this performance is, not something objective and tbh king of exeggration… but w/e if you call this op for your game understanding, i cant comment further every1 has different standarts&thoughts.

for a bit going further this is your OWN WARBORN S&B WB 1.06 patch Crucible clear time:19.43

and again this is your MARKOVIAN WB 0.5 sec set cd nerf time : 22.02

from 1.07 patch notes for giving info : Legendary - Warborn Set: reduced healing on the skill proc to 6%, reduced % Attack Speed set bonus to 9% and Physical damage bonus to 12-22

as you see this is a super duper minor nerf, which wont effect performance by 3-5 mins mark…

and pls let every1 be honest, which one outperforms other ? lol seriously…

  • your own warborn wblade&markovian kills single targets absurdly faster than BWC, gap is huge and not even comparable or come close…
  • your own warborn wblade&markovian, is insanely tanky with prolly zero defensive devotion…
  • your own warborn wblade&markovian has even decent and comparable aoe clear vs BWC… etc etc goes on
    - your own warborn wblade&markovian, doesnt kite and doesnt give a fuck about most mobs there.
    ofc markovian is a bit slower than warborn
    well i was gonna say even my okish geared warborn bmaster *tankier than witchblades imo*, clears faster and safer than your bwc but your own videos saved me so much time, and here is your own performces to judge :smiley: + commandos can do it better aswell…

here i strike again and final timei am tired to explain, simple question, lets say even if your BWC char is OP and BROKEN

hello ? guys you there? a char with shield really should able to clear fasteror equal and safer than a BIS geared caster which is considered to be OP and people paranoiac about its gonna be nerfed? lol what kind of dilemma is that. i am stoned till this topic started.

in all honesty, a char with shield should never ever able to have this much dps… talking with +20 years of game experience, +5 years of working in arpg balance team. this is/was absurd, not acceptable and shouldnt be happening in one of best arpg in history.

so pls, all guys who concern about s&b nerfs, it clearly was needed. and if i were create i would cut their dmg output further and didnt touch overguard and tankiness sides. and i am %99 sure they will still be top tier chars for main content and crucible… period

OFFTOPIC about game balance just for drizzto * feel free to skip*
i have 1 simple principle for myself, i dont talk economics a lot since i studied it and never expect people to understand economics&marketing. and actually i shouldnt be talking about game balancing and testing too, but i am a guy hardly hold myself to explain and try to help peopledoubt i am achieving that w/e, love reading a lot and my hunger for learning never stops etc etc.

but lemme clarify you 1 thing, crucible is 5 dollari guess add on to main GD… not every1 has 5 bucks or has to spend it for crucible add on. or not every1 has to fan of it or enjoy playing it. for companies like this their first priority is always $25 bucks GD, then crucible…
and most players has GD, but not every1 has crucible. etc i hope you got my point, crucible is OPTIONAL to main content

a) this is kinda main reason, these kind of games generally balance&tweak&nerf&balance around main content aka GD, not crucible

thats part of economics and marketing, it doesnt mean that crate doesnt care crucible but priority will be always main GD… for make it simple,
bigger communitymarket&customer = bigger money = bigger money equals first priorityam i fucking einstein or someshit lol

ok balance part, no you dont balance game around crucible performances or issues, you simply fix crucible first if problem is that, last thing to do is nerfing items and skill itself, glitches abuses and cheeze methods etc

a) also you dont balance game around fully set + nearly GG MI + bis rings etc chars. again crucible is diff story, even tho mobs are super weak there compare to main content+you have buffs. its super clear that, that char is designed to that with that amount of gear… and 22mins crucible clear is not in crates nerf list imo… lol its just a simple good performance nothing more than that…

you remember 1 pet build got nerfed after 3mins or someshit mogdrogen kill :smiley: here you go, you nerf hammer that cause it simply not meant to be killed around that times. it means there is something fucked up…

and i watched many youtube videos of crucible guys, and i clearly didnt see some1 fucking breaking and rocking rolling it absurdly…

ps: ya i am liar… this is fucking huge/giant wall of text… hell yeah

Dear Lord:rolleyes:

loool, dude i am a slave who preps sale reports and doing tons of maths X10-15 longer than this per day, what you expect from me:o

w/e ya this is getting absurd this is my last long explanation try in forums, its hard to read and i am kinda tired and it feels like its like writing on a water…

ps: since we have similar WH builds and same fabius kill times, do we have to start getting paranoid about nerfs? :rolleyes::smiley:

It’s already nerfed. Belgothian proc cut in half and nidalla RR removed (replaced if you wanna be optimistic). But they can keep doing it. Manticore max 25 RR etc

well i am fine with all other nerfs, tho belgothian was not needed compare to completion of relic took me 3 days of farming, dont wanna even mention blueprint drop was miracle etc… and it wasnt op or broken by any means, esp considering how rare and hard to make it/get blueprint drop. still can be replaced with maledictionwhich is gg already and has flat RR afaik, or nemesis.

also i still dont understand what they are trying to do with ALL RR nerfs, hmm i guess they wanna slow down the gamea game already painfully slow after poe, or dont know maybe they tuned down mobs hp etc…
i am thinking, but all we can do is assuming something which will not accurate.
i hope zantai or some1 can answer this, cause this is my biggest concern/curiousity about patch… idc rest. i will be super happy to see some sorta information about this. why? and whats their intention ? purpose etc?

well build single target dmg was best in game,if not the best top3can we both agree about it?, i dont mind killing something 10 secs rather than 8. all around i find psn dmg in GD is ridic and need some balance :undecided: and this is one of those char can kill mogdrogen extremly fast aswellnot even requiring op gear

people keep whining about s&b changes, but there are other things to be concern a lot imo. which gonna effect ALL chars.

ps: i really wanna hear every player’s opinion about all these RR nerfs aswell. what community thinks about it?

you killed mogdrogan w a poison caster? any videos? my poison ticks for like 5k on him and that’s after CoF, not to mention lightning almost one shots me w overcap resist

superfluff’s dw wh
nope dw witchunter kinda same char to this -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRdfHEowuW4

mog is diff story, requires diff gear augments and diff devotion&skill setup than this… mostly so defensive setup.
and pls dont request me to record mog video, a guy drops simply jackshit, takes +10 mins of worlds most boring fight… i did it twice with 2 diff chars, and i dont think i will do that to myself again till i stop playing GD. 1 of my char was bmboth dw+s&b and 2nd is this wh.

and for further request to crate: pls give that guy some serious reward rather than show off dude i killed ult mog thing… some cool %100 drop biased good designed legendary or something more than 1 empowered unqiue. maybe and item that has cool toggle passive which makes you look cooler then you showoff harder :stuck_out_tongue: kidding

editto : forgot to mention superfluff’s name

I dont play much main campaign anymore, as i already tried to explain you before: different jobs = different tools

100-150 clear arround 20 mins average with 1 banner 2 cruci buff and no consummable is clearly tier1 crucible farmer to me.

Yes crucible mob are weaker than vanilla, still the hardest challenge the game has to offer.

i’am sorry 1 banner + 2 benediction is not a lot of buff since tribute wise you are self sufficient with the victory alone.

Maiden is the longer nemesis to kill because of her fire resistance, and facetanking is not an arguments here, only the final timer & % succes matter to judge a crucible build.

Yes i have endgame GG gear.

To my standard its OP for crucible, yes.

I dont know what my WB videos has any interest here, since i already stated my WB lost arround 30% efficiency with patch in a previous post.

BM in 20 mins average with exact same buff? need proof man. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes WB deserved a nerf, and still deserved some more, i dunno yet if is too much or the right spot.

You are missing something here, basically a lot of people know that crucible reward far more than vanilla (like 3-5 more time leg/hour), so its reasonnable to think that some people can be frustrated about crucible because they start to believe this is “pay2win” loot mod, so if we assume i’am partially correct this could be natural thing that Crate want to keep under control crucible farming.

I believe it is.

Yes i remember this build, and the chinese guys posted a video of 140-150 in 3 mins (which is faster than any WB afaik), when i taunted his crucible timer.

Fuck you man :stuck_out_tongue: