[v1.0.2.1] DoubleBlitz Commando - 100% faceroll, 99.9% unkillable

I do love gap closers, especiallly when there are more than one!

I haven’t actually ever leveled a commando, perhaps this is the time I shall. The build looks most amusing.

updated devos to include flametorrent, was under impression BWC with high potency only proc’ed on initial cast, but i stand corrected, BWC IS a strong proc’er for flametorrent. so cast it on CD.

on riftstone -> seal of void has stronger version of this ability, but yes i didn’t take it due to 10% conversion, the ability is also significantly weaker than the other blitz due to low flat damage.

edit: added glad cruci vid, no buffs no banners.

I think you updated the OP with the wrong grimtools, has a Worldeater equipped, no shield, no Fiend, etc. :slight_smile:

Yep. Missing Flame Torrent on devotions also.

Amazing :open_mouth:


A build with flametorrent devo worked in. Basically just drop hawk and some crossroads. Ignore the rest. Jajaja’s is superior as usual, I just liked the idea of korvac blitz and drop a grenade at your feet. The issue, obviously, is that grenado without using one specific 2h gun makes no use of flat damage boosts.

ETA: also drop the crossguard/hilt point from assassin’s blade.

must have the posted wrong grimtools, it is fixed now. devos should include flame torrent now

I seem to be having energy problems with this build, all of the abilities drains my energy fairly quickly. testing with the updated flametorrent build. Maybe I’m spamming abilities too often or something. :confused:

I spent some time playing around with the devotions and came up with this:


Essentially you lose meteor shower, giant’s blood, wayward soul and maul, and replace them with light of empyrion, healing rain, bull rush and arcane barrier. Light of emyrion is actually a pretty nice proc for this build. healing rain is nice too and eliminates any energy problems, while maul and bull rush are more or less equivalent. arcane barrier is up a lot with only a 3 sec cooldown. I dunno, whatcha think ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I made a Witchblade version of this build, seems pretty good. Damage is improved for sure, but I dropped the second Blitz for more physical DPS and to make the Witchblade gameplay less clunky. The AoE blender you get going is pretty insane, and single target DPS is definitely not bad. Not the fastest 140-150 runs I’ve ever seen, but it’s not that far off.


Thinking about trying out a Spear of the Heavens variant too, as the Ultos proc is on a very sub-optimal skill.

That looks really nice. It’s possible to include giant’s blood in your setup too without losing any of the procs:


Is your relic based charge actually affected by the markovian -1sec proc? I was under the impression that such skills didn’t work on item granted skills.

this is a nice idea, however, seems we lack a good ability to bind ultos to, its a 1.5sec CD on crit. binding it to markovian advantage is like binding it to a proc of a proc, as it has to crit. we also dont AA that much due to many skills and AA so i don’t think it’ll actually do too much.

on markovian refreshing CD will test that, i assumed it did since its a blizz type ability.

also updated with a new cruci farm vid with Flametorrent. 4:25s clear this time. aoe feels better.

Since all of your elemental damage is converted to physical, wouldn’t there be better alternatives to Maul? Maybe Blizzard? Reckless Tempest looks kind of interesting too if the lighting damage it adds is converted into physical damage.

edit: nevermind, they both suck.

At the moment I have a pure Soldier around level 30 with no real gear stored away. Obviously Beronath Reforged is an integral part of the build (and some of the devotions wouldn’t be super strong without it); other than that, however, how do you think this would be without already having the Markovian set stashed away? I’m kinda torn between this (I love Blitz as a main skill and Demolitionist in general) and a more traditional phys Cadence Witchblade and both favor the Markovian set at endgame (and/or the Warborn set in the case of the Witchblade)? Would this be usable to self-farm the gear and then just respec devotions if/when Beronath drops?

Looks sweet either way though, looking forward to playing around with this at some point.

Hey jaja, any thoughts on this devo setup?
Same procs but added bull rush bound to shield slam, which can be used in between gap closers for added dps/aoe

i hope for it… with out the gear its not gonna be optimal playing :stuck_out_tongue:

farming with another char but no luck yet…

Hi jajaja,

awesome build, like many others before, thanks for that!

Just want to ask, if you would adjust the build for non crucible play.
And if so, what would you change?



would this build get anything out of the manicore devotion for the flat 28 res reduction?

The build is awesome, the only problem is the relic, if you really want that one you gotta be lucky, because once you pass the threshold it’s gonna be gg. A material to downgrade mythical items to non mythical would solve this since blood sigil is only one of many that loses its proc. Using a backup save everytime you level too much doesn’t sound like fun (if you wanna keep it legit somehow). maybe they’ll come up with something in the future.