[v1.0.2.1] DoubleBlitz Commando - 100% faceroll, 99.9% unkillable

Why Commando?
I think, Witchblade will be much better for this build.
Witchblade has physical resist reduction, extra physical and poison resists. Ok, you wont use +1 to demo skills, but tht isnt critical.
I bet, Witchblade will be much better offensively, and have the same defence.
For example - http://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2BoGDbV
And i didnt even optimized it for free +100 poison resist

When I made Phys meteor/fiend Beronath Markovian I chose WB for the reasons you state. CoF would help phys procs a lot more…BUT Jajaja has auto attack AND 2x phys Blitz(quite the big deal). He gets 2x flat dmg components from Flame Touched and temper. So no WB is not better in this case. Best case scenario they would be kinda the same, less Blitz dmg but more proc dmg. Since this build’s flavor is 2x Blitz then Commando kinda wins imo.

when i considered WB i wasn’t aware BWC was a good proc for Flame torrent. i dont think WB is a good option anymore.

after farming some, i still think 5sec blastshield is very strong, despite being a tanky build, it still does help you play more recklessly. with this build you really want to get surrounded and stand in shit.

Amazing build, added it to my modest collection of powerful AoM builds.

What can be better than Blitz? only double Blitz :smiley: thx for the build!

Two main downsides of Blast Shield are:

  1. Procs on 60% HP. It’s far too early for a “oh-shit” lifesaver proc. It often procs in “normal” combat, because many enemies can reduce your HP pool to 60% and it wont mean “danger”. Dagerous enemies will reduce HP to less than 45%, and that’s when “oh shit” procs should come into play. Menhir’s Will is a great “oh shit” proc, because it procs on 33% HP, exactly when you need it MOST. Blast shield (for me) procs randomly here and there, often when i dont need it at all.
  2. Blast Shield offers great protection against all damage types, except physical damage. Sadly, physical damage is the primary danger in AoM and Crucible, if you overcapped resistances properly.

I tried to make a fire-based Forcewave commnado, and i should admit, he sucks :(. Thermite mines are shit, Flashbang is shit… overall, i come to conclusion that whole demolisher class is a piece of shit, except maybe is used for BWC burning builds…


i find that both 1+2 are far from the truth for this build.
on the 60% proc thing, yes its a lil early for circuit breaker for most builds; however, you’d be surprised how little damage this build takes against the vast vast majority of enemies. prior to wave 150, pretty much the onlythings that can proc it are if i facetank shotguns from zantarin/mq (which btw may otherwise kill me without BS). anasteria/valdaran can proc it , but i did not really overcap aether/lightning resists; if i did overcap these i doubt they can proc me. ohter things like 149 lucius/sharzul can hit hard but they are relatively avoidable anyway. again the beauty of BS is the short CD, if you get proc’ed, stay and fight for 4secs, and if they arent dead, kite for like 9sec and ur ready to go again. but for example if you are using MoD, and u proc it. what do u do? do u go back and fight? r

due to high dmg reduction to begin with, even phyiscal dmg doenst really hurt me when BS is up. at least for crucible. i mean unless ur fighting ravager or something, i dont find #2 true for this build in particular.

Just wondering how viable this build is for a new player (i.e. does it perform without BIS items all round)? Thanks!

Was thinking of trying out this build, looks interesting!
Quite new to the game still, will you be adding a fast lvling guide as to like what devotion order to follow/skill order, stats to focus on etc?

Looks very good!
Can it work without beronath sword? Is the blueprint hard to get? I dont want to be depended on one itam that i dont have yet…
Thanks :slight_smile:

Beronath sword (normal or mythical) is a build-enabler for this build, it wont work without it.

Worst thing about builds like this is they are slower than blademasters but can die as quick as blade master can :slight_smile: wave 149… hp always on max. Yawning as usual whilst playing this boring game and then woooop health goes down in 2.1 sec with potion popped. My 1st try of this build ended up in that “1% chance of death”

But all in all something about this build is fun … i don’t know what… mby its the visual effects.

what were the bosses on 149?
i’ve farmed alot, never ever came close to dying on 149.

its also impossible to die in cruci with blastshield up. so you must have somehow blew BS prior to it.

things that i’ve died to: MQ (by being a retard), maiden on 150 -> probably got crit with some really shitty transmuters. and maybe sitting in skill disruption aoe and can’t cast anything without knowing it that can kill you

on 149
sharzul can still hit hard but not that hard and he dies quick.
cronley casts skill disruption aoe, so if your sitting in it and can’t cast anything?

wierd tho. i’ve definitely died on 150, but never 149

Compare shar’zul’s worldeater

First of thanks for the build . Ive been messing around with it and for the life of me i cant get the devotion points to line up. i have all the points on matching the same as the grim calc but im 1 point short on primordial to get up to the bear constilation. #feeling stupid :undecided:

I’m leveling a soldier using force wave right now. I’m aiming to use this build once I get higher level and was hoping somebody could offer some advice.

My plan is to build the character as a pure 2-handed forcewave build until elite, where I tack on Demo for flame touched and temper. I was going to use most of the posted devotion setup, just leaving out Ulzuin’s Torch in favor of Kraken for extra damage during the leveling phase. How much is it going to impact the build to have this devotion skill under-leveled? It’s certainly not ideal, I’m just trying to build the character in a way that it will work until I can get the necessary gear to do the full build.

Dont worry about it, devotion skills level up quite fast anyways. On top of it this is a high tier devotion, so you are often times not able to pick it early anyways.
You should be aware that this build depends on a few specific items though, as already stated before in this thread.

Alright. I figured it shouldn’t hurt all that much. I’ll probably stay as force wave until I get the relic completed and a mythic beronath. The cd reduction from the Markovian set is a major boost to the build, I’m sure, but the main gimmick seems to be phys conversion with double blitz and those are the two biggest components of that gimmick.

I’ll re-assess if elite proves to be too much to handle with the hybrid devotion tree, but the only real wasted points in the setup I have in mind would be Fiend.

Dire Bear has to support itself with the 1 Primordial it grants. You need to put points into any other constellation that gives Primordial, fill Dire Bear, and then remove the points you spent in the other constellation.