[v1.0.2.1] DoubleBlitz Commando - 100% faceroll, 99.9% unkillable

[COLOR=“YellowGreen”]11/7 update - added crucible video gladiator 150 with extra spawns, no buffs, no banners.
11/6 updated to include flametorrent on BWC

This is a cooldown based melee/tank build using korvaak relic’s blitz type ability and converting all of its damage into pure physical with beronath sword, this along with your regular blitz. Both will take advantage of the -1sec CD proc from markovian set to form the bulk of your damage.

supplimental AOE is done with meteor/targos hammer+random procs. Meteors are also very strong with full physical conversion.

The purpose of this build is that i hate having to pay attention when i farm cruci, this build with warcry/menhirs + 5sec blastshield, is tanky enough to pretty much cruise through content half asleep. The dps is not amazing but sufficient. Seems the onlythings that even proc my blastshield was facetanking shotguns from MQ/zantarin, aether RR from anastaria, and maybe valdaran RR. all of these things are easily countered/avoidable if you never want your blastshield to get proc’ed :smiley:

Overall its bit similar to the avenger build from superfluff a while ago, but taking a more active skill nuke type gameplay with this one. And also, blastshield, and shit.

[v1.0.2.1]Video:Gladiator Crucible Wave 140-150 + extra spawns. **No tribute buffs, no banners.

[v1.0.2.1]Video:Gladiator Crucible Wave 140-150, normal farm.

-extreme survivability, facetank everything including zantarin/mq shotguns. (when BS up of course :D)
-can afk in AOE due to overguard
-2x gap closer
-can faceroll cruci without paying attention.
-strong aoe
-markovian set looks alright without any transmog (save $$$)
-very minimal green item usage

-single target damage is not stellar
(don’t write home about it or your father might be dissapoint… actually jk its not terrible)

GrimTools http://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYzPb72

LMB: cadence (devotion ability - assassin’s mark )
RMB: Blitz or ???
mousewheel up: Blitz (devotion ability Meteor)
mousewheel down: Korvaak’s blazing charge (devotion ability: Direbear)
middle mouse - heal pot
keyboard 1 - warcry
keyboard 2 - overguard
keyboard 3- blackwater cocktail (devotion ability flame torrent)

basically hold left click while continually scrolling mousewheel up and down to pop your Blitz(s). Roll face across 1,2,3 on keyboard continuously to cast warcry/overguard/BWC on CD.

Cadence on LMB is mainly to buff your blitz’s.

Since blitz’s kind of aoes in melee around yourself, u want to be surrounded, i usually try to let mobs gathers abit, then debuff with warcry and drop the blitzs.

The blitz’s are ur main source of lifesteal and damage, if you have to kite (and this has yet to happen to be me in cruci) you can do so quit easily, just pop 2x blitz and run until CD is back.

if you are a perfectionist #1: Now do note that, meteor devo proc has a flat 3sec CD since they can’t overlap, while blitz with markovian proc drops to slightly less than 3sec CD, and you could miss a proc if u spam it on CD, not a huge deal, but if u want to be perfect, wait for your previous meteor to finish before dropping ur next blitz.

if you are a perfectionist #2: use regular blitz always, prior to korvaak blitz, this will debuff DA with blindside and get meteors to start falling asap before you unlease blitz #2.

See grimtools - note that Blood sigil of c’thon is NON-mythical. With beronath sword, we convert the big chaos/fire flat dmg proc to full physical. kinda like the old elemental balance rings. The mythical version turns into some stupid firestrike conversion :frowning:

besides markovian set and beronath sword/korvaak relic, everything else is flexible, the gear listed in grimtools are fairly easy to get , with only a crafted green boot.

Note - Beronath sword,markovian helm and elemental balance rings are craftable, while Mythical reforged chains of oleron are NOT craftable unlike the regular version.

important - 1 ectoplasm and 1 arcane spark for mana, rest are flexible to max ur resists depending on stats of your boots.

Leveling guide:
see post #2

[COLOR=“DarkOrange”]In closing:
update - turns out BWC CAN proc flametorrent was under impression that it only proc’ed on initial cast. so devotions updated to include flametorrent.

note that movespeed isn’t max, i made this char for cruci, so its not a big deal. but if you want to use it for general farming in campagin, u can sacrifice abit of dmg and move points into sailors guide for more movement speed.


hopefully reserved for leveling guide

jajaja thread?

Nice build :smiley: I was actually been playing an extremely similar thing and was gonna make either a seperate post or update on my Commando build, you beat to me it.

I remember you were working on a Battlemage, assume you ended up not liking Spellscourge and made a commando build instead ?

kills MQ in full tank gear in about 20 seconds

Soldier too stronk?

Had a similar idea but never thought this would be top tier good. That damage is bonkers. Two questions: (1) Have you considered Riftstone for triple Blitz? Or is the 10% conversion too much of a damage loss? (2) Is the Elemental Balance setup just a personal preference or is it better than dual Reign of Ice and Fire?

Enemies have much less health in the Crucible compared to Ultimate vanilla.

Sweet build as usual jajaja!

Yeah yeah…but soldier is still stronk!

some genereic comment about tanky melee builds having more damage than anything else while being tanky af No but srsly, nice conversion based build. Good stuff as usual!

Sweet build, will try out after finishing my blademaster.
Thanks for your great work

Great build as usual

High Potency BWC is quite nice for proccing too.
Why so few points in Menhir’s Will if you go for tankyness?

Sweet build, going to have to try this out.

Soldier is never weak. And yeah, soldier is (too?) stronk! :eek:

PS. @jajaja : I also have an idea about double blitz like this, but too bad. I didn’t play soldier. Glad to see your build again

How would spec your devotion points to have flame torrent ?

Nice build jajaja, i’ll try it with WB

Pretty sick build. Was able to solo glad crucible with extra spawns without any cruci buffs. The only thing that gave me some trouble was the mad queen (had to kite a little).

Look forward to the leveling guide :smiley:

That’s really impressive. I’ve got a blademaster build somewhere that was the belgorath set and reforged bero, but pretty much the only real use I was getting out of bero was I took hand of ultos hooked to Belgorathian Strikes. Yay physical lightning. The Belgorath set already converts the cold on ring of steel so it really wasn’t accomplishing much. A shadow strike build going physical/pierce/poison might be more impressive, but those fire/chaos conversions really seem like the way to go.