[v1.0.3.0] Blades of Vitality revisited - Badass knife spamming Witch Hunter

Basically all the credit goes to JoV’s orginal build, PrinceXavieR’s recommandations and the v1.0.3.0 patch! I had this build ready for version but I am glad I waited to post this…it was pushed from a decent and fun build to top tier level!

Core Gameplay:
Set up Blade Spirits for maximum coolness, selfbuff with blood of dreeg and pneumatic burst, debuff enemies with CoF(Rattosh), proc Hungering void and Wendigo Mark and start spamming those deadly blades! Honestly for everything not having purple or red names, just do the last part…

[i]More buffs coming with patch!

-Frenetic Throw: reduced % Damage Modifier penalty to -50%

-Mythical Demonslayer’s Hat: added 50 Vitality damage modifier for Blade Spirit

-Demonslayer’s Armament Set: added 100% of Pierce converted to Vitality and 90 Vitality damage modifiers for Blade Spirit

-Rattosh, the Veilwarden: added 18 Vitality Decay / 3s and 20 Offensive Ability, replaced % Vitality Resist with 15% Pierce and Bleed Resist. Removed pet bonuses.

All in all it seems like a decent buff, we will see how it stands up against the new crucible soon!
I will continue working on my builds after the 8th of January, when I am not as busy anymore![/i]


*double seal of res. only for stun resist…if you have a better idea let me know (found that stuns were the only thing that really hurt him)

Regarding the gloves:

Mythical Riftwarped Grasp and Mythical Aetherreach come really, really close to each other. I assume the performance differences (which come down to 1-2 seconds on the dummy kill time) are neglectable. I would suggest picking the one that fit your gear rolls better. Maybe we should all just chill out a little and be grateful that we have the options to pick between 4-6 gloves depending on what we need! :stuck_out_tongue:

Video: Quick Fabius Kill
*You can consitently kill him before he pops his barrier, which is awesome!

Physique: 96
Cunning: 0
Spirit: 9 (you might need 1 or 2 more depending on rolls)

Devotion Binding:
Hungering Void - Dreegs Evil Eye
Wendigo’s Mark: Bloody Pox
Acid Spray: Phantasmal Blades
Will of Rattosh: Curse of Frailty

Devotion route:

  1. Crossroads ( order)
  2. Panther
  3. Eel
  4. Crossroads (eldritch)
  5. hawk
  6. Scholar light
  7. Crossroads ( chaos)
  8. Jackal
  9. Viper
  10. Wendigo
  11. Solemn watcher
  12. Crossroads ( ascendant)
  13. Toad
  14. Okaine lantern
  15. Cross roads ( primordial)
  16. remove toad
  17. remove crossroads ( ascendant, order and eldritch)
  18. get manticore ( except leg)
  19. Ratosh
  20. Dying God until hungering void.
    *thanks PrinceXavieR :wink:

In Closing:
It just wrecks everything and has good sustain. The armor buffs and buffs to the Blades really suit this character. Gameplay is noob friendly. Might do a leveling guide sometimes soon. Definetly will follow up with better videos!

Looks great! Thanks for posting - I’ve been meaning to make a Demonslaying Witch Hunter.

May I leave here my noMI setup?? http://www.grimtools.com/calc/1NXlwY8N

If you are lucky enough with Thunderstruck boots of Kings, you wont need 2x seal of resonance, you could go with nicer seals.
Also would like to ask why did you chose these pants, for the skill disruption protection?

Waiting for more videos!

Nice build man

I love noob friendly builds bc that’s all I can play anyway <3


I have been testing a similar build the last few days… My version is a reaper. This is my current load out. Today’s buffs to damage, as well as to our armor value have been pretty awesome. I was able to solo glad 150 no buff before, but its ez now. http://www.grimtools.com/calc/YZeYKO0Z

For reference on the damage, without my -39 vit resist from spectral wrath on the dummy i get 25-30k per blade crits.

Also I would probably run the new changed version of Eldritch pact for relic over Solaels in a WH build

Anyone checked this build in crucible gladi?

Seems pretty stronk!

the changes to the relic, makes it a solid choice indeed… more dps, more resistances, more hp and a better proc, looks cool too… :wink: OA whores might be a bit sad but the sacrifice is worth it…

Thanks for the input guys! I will test out the new relic and may take on Crucible the next week when I have the time :)…and also dump some money trying to get better boots .__.

Nice, someone else could post a video though, it is so interesting to see the build on action!

I made the new relic last night before i went to sleep… even on my build it seems to be really strong. Should be a damn fine addition to the WH one. was hitting for like 10k… appears to be able to hit the same target twice per orb as well…

I’ll do a 130-150 vid with my Reaper today.
Im also going to mess around using Haunt relic over Mogdrogen’s Ardor.

thanks in advance… by the way I tested with dummy and wh build variant can do average 20 second kill which is not bad at all… rattosh lvl 4 atm and Dying god proc is not even maxed out…:stuck_out_tongue:

Little update. after trying again it would appear my build’s surviablity was being propped up a bit by seal of blades binding to wendigo mark. I wasnt able to finish without buffs today… But I will say the only reason i died was skill disruption. Although i did do it with buffs very easily.

Another side note. I had to swap to arcane spark to maintain energy levels. That is with 103 eng/sec regen, and 15% skill cost, 10% eng absorb… while using eng potions. Arcane makes it so you dont have to spam pots, so you can save them for when you get hit with energy drains.

Also my devotions are about 60-70% to level cap at the moment.

I also found binding Rattosh to phantom blades to be the best option, and then putting acid spray on my blade spirits. Although im use spray on curse would work equally as well for the Wh build

setup used http://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQ9EJvN

Never attach RR devotion to the skills with >100% weapon damage. Same for energy leech. Use Ectoplasm or Soul Shard.

Hey guys, quick update on the guide:

Changed relic to the new Eldritch Pact. We are now rocking over 13k life and hitting for 30k crits! (Devotions still not maxed out) Due to new new relic we can swap out up to 4 augments to the +3% health one!

Also got a new video, because we can kill Fabius even faster now

Video: Fabius gets bursted down so fast he runs away in panic
*This is kind of a funny one obviously. You can consitently kill him before he pops his barrier, which is awesome!

Again, thanks for the suggestions, I will do a crucible week later this week when I have the time, looking forward to it already!

Not sure why you say this, but RR devotions apply their full RR regardless of the weapon damage of the skill they are attached to.

Or if it’s something else, then nevermind.

Cant find proof right now, but as I know weapon damage on skill affects on applied effects.

Fight with Fabius looks more like this)

now that’s more like it! :rolleyes: