V1.1.4.0 Preview

Holy shit, amazing! Never used any mods but this changes are really appreciated.
Eager to see what 2handers gonna be.

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Hopefully we will get the data for the translation a bit before the release!? :astonished: :wink:

@Zantai Very cool, brother!

Thank u guys.At last there is no need to update grim internals.
Happy to see Health Bars and auto pickup.Those options was holding me back every time when new update landed.Now problem gonna be solved for good and i would enjoy game 100 %.
Love u Crate muaaaaa :*
P.S Any chance for higher zoom out perspective ? :slight_smile:


I won’t lie, an item stash search is the last main QOL thing that I want. I honestly can’t think of much else after that. It seems like they’re steadily adding search functions to every part of the UI anyway, so maybe sometime later?

Only thing I can think of aside from that is putting the Hero monster key words like Diseased, Reflective, Defender ect show up on higher end boss monsters. It can be a bit difficult to know what you’re being hit with sometimes. Really the only thing needed is more transparency. Hell, I’d settle for an in-game logbook that allows you to search by damage types and resistances so you can find out what enemies will be a problem for your build without having to dig into the Grim Tools enemy database.

EDIT: Apparently the search bar for the item stash is in. My life is now complete. Thanks a ton, Crate!

Stash search is being added as well

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Yeah, I just saw that right after I made the post. This makes moving items around so much more convenient and I’m honestly thrilled with both that and the crafting search. So much less time will be spent organizing my gear now!

actually grim internals author said she would probably stop working on it since so many of its features are going to be implemented by the new patch.

This is absolutely jawdropping. Amazing update, but I have to ask, what prompted the change in design decisions that Crate has been adamant about for a long time, such as the auto-pick up for components?

Amazing patch, thanks Crate keep up the good work!

How far you have come!

GJ Crate :wink:

I saw the stream previewing these changes. Everything is really great, and I can’t wait for patch to go live, but I was wondering did anyone else find the new font for monster names a bit hard to read? I think simplicity is better slution here, the old font is very clear and imediately readable.

He says what “the prompt” was in the OP.

This doesn’t exactly cover it, because until this moment Crate has always been firmly against putting these tools into the game, stating “creative vision” as the cause.
I understand that Grim Internals was a huge deal, I use it myself, but I can really only chalk it up to “they had a change of heart” regarding putting these features in the game.

I for one welcome it, as I couldn’t play the game anymore with GI, as it was too inconvenient to pick up the thousands of components all the time.

Either way, I read it in the OP but find myself in the realm of disbelief. /shrug, doesn’t matter anymore.

Now it’s overtuned? :smiley:
Let it shine a bit and see where it goes first. Poor demmo was bullied for so long on feedback threads

As long as Thermite mine is functional, I am happy.


Everyone seems to be enjoying it in testing. The only ‘‘downside’’ is that casting them seems artificial now. They just…appear where you cast them. Mechanically that works out great for you. Immersion wise it’s kind of weird, if you care about such a thing.

It’s probably cause we’ve been used to having it one way for so long

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Well, Crate are adding several things that they didn’t originally plan to do which have been requested over the years and they have been known to change their minds on occasion. Plus the over the top whining that happened when Gerda didn’t update GI within “minutes” of the patch dropping probably played some part.