V1.1.4.0 Preview

Mostly it’s as Zantai has said, where he mentions about updates breaking support for a brief period and then having to see poor Glocken get harassed over it. So yes, it could just as easily be a change of heart. They do tend to remain firm on their stance of certain things but this isn’t the first time they’ve ended up changing their minds on something and gone the other way.

Sometimes it just takes time (or the right time) for them to come around.

Also remember that their main aim over the years has been to get the game/expansions out to the players. Now that the game is almost finished as far as content goes they’ve decided to look at adding some of the most requested things into the game as well as bringing the older content artwork, fxs, etc, up to par with the later expansions.

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As is casting TSS in a cave! :nerd_face:

Mines look great. I’m loving demo changes. BTW how’s Pyran nerfs looking? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yes :slight_smile:


Want to play more mines build, :smile: Damn all of my build plans include Arcanist and Demo !

I’ve really been liking the changes lately. The game has seen so many small improvements compared to even just a few versions ago that the level of polish is on a different scale.

My hope is that we’ll get some combat improvements down the line as well. I know it might not be the same people working on these things but my hope is that every boss will have tells as good as Warden Krieg, to name an example of a good boss.
All his moves are extremely well telegraphed through his unique animations for them, and you can dodge them with the right movement.

That’s very different from something like the Alek meteor that just appears and you either count down the seconds in your head or just run around like a chicken if it’s been a while since he last dropped one.
You can use the roof trick but it would be so much better if you could actually see things like this coming.

Also let us not forget (and thanks for writing it down @medea_fleecestealer ):

Amazing stuff. Will make my playthrough of Veteran much better.

Grim Internals is nice, but the cloud sync is broken. Glad to see my favorite parts about that mod are being added to the game!

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Steam cloud is evil anyway. :wink:
If you insist on using it, i´d recommend making manual backups of your save folder every couple of days, because when steam cloud fails and your saves are corrupted, all progress is lost.


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C’mon, release the patch notes. The flurry of panic is always a good read and livens up the forum.

That aside, looks like a lot of good stuff. Thumbs up.

" berax22 : when can we see the patch notes

When the patch comes out because the community has shown that showing you patch notes in advance is not good for your health.

RektbyProtoss : just give us the patch notes with a disclaimer "read at own health risk

Yeah, cause that’s worked before.

rebel7254 : does waiting until patch is out to release the notes really reduce complaining?

Yes,it actually does."



I agree, steam cloud saving is hardly recommended. Still I have folder, where keep the backups. Extra bonus is, that you can revert build to former appearance.

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I dream of a setting to control day/night cycle … one day? :pleading_face:

so what is that supposed to mean? are they too good, or too weak?

I guess a recent round of nerfs would mean me putting patch on the shelf until I beat the Crate of Entertainment haha. Since it requires a rather specific build (50%+ physical res, 80% freeze/stun/para resists, a crowd control skill, around 3k OA/DA and preferably upwards of 4k armor) and there isn’t many builds out there that grant all of that. You’re pretty much forced to use the leviathan 2h for the +16% physical res.

From Friday’s stream:
"lcghent : What are the 2 hander balance changes?

I’m not going to go over every item one by one, but the general direction we took though was to increase the amount of skill points we’re giving out. So every 2-hander that gave mastery bonuses - this is for all non-set 2-handers - any 2-hander that gives you +1 to a mastery of Legendary quality now gives +2. Anything that gave you +3 to a skill now gives you +4 and that applies to Monster Infrequents and Legendaries."

That’s awesome. Thanks. if you’re into balancing things here, one can’t overlook that you can apply 2x the components for 1h setups.

A notorious example would be 2x seal of blades (sword+shield) vs. just one.

May I ask whether you plan to soften the crate of entertainment boss in the upcoming patches? because, joke content as it may be, it’s still pretty important to kill the hardest boss for a completionist. And this one literally requires to pick one of very specific builds, mostly Soldier-based, which shoehorns you into playing one even if you don’t want to.

Unlike, say, 170th Wave of Crucible, which allows greater freedom with builds because you can approach that through different means - stacking CC resistance+armor+phys resist, or crazy high life steal+HP, or 100% block/recovery, or some spin to win archons and alike. With the Crate boss, you pretty much badly need several things at once which can be granted by specific builds only.

If you’re not planning to change that thing, I’m fine with that as I have a build planned that can defeat it without much hassle, but building a char like that takes time which I’m sort of undecided to put into the game at this point - because the char isn’t really that amazing to play, he just excels at killing Crate of Entertainment, lol.

This is also a question for @Zantai .

Only Zantai can answer that. I’m not a Crate employee, only a moderator on the forum.

Currently a feature of GrimInternals … :smiley:

Maybe if you ask Zantai super nicely,
it gets :factory: implemented… :building_construction:
Wouldn´t get my hopes up though.