V1.1.4.0 Preview

I know it’s a feature of GrimInternals that’s why I’m about having this feature in-game while we at it :wink:

late but looks rly great

Thank you!!!

now I just need to add infinite stash and GG (
dreaming costs nothing) :sweat_smile:


No need for infinite stash,use IA, works OK.

Btw speaking of implement features from Grim Internal, lets not forget, that the game will feature some of the stuff, but it’s not supposed to take all of them.

Also from visual purpose it’s not recommended the game to be turned into garage resale, full of “stuff” occupying the whole screen.

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I can’t watch these SR and cruci videos anymore. Bars, text, and damge numbers popping out. And text like Robocop played the game on the screen to the left. How can people play with all that crap floating around


When is this patch coming? I cannot wait for component auto-pick up. Please allow us to have a hotkey button toggle health bars over enemies.

Read, all the info is in there.

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As a nuclear physicist you should appreciate access to data, no?

Anyway, these features are for the few people for whom immersion faded after many walkthroughs. Crate’s philosophy is to allow people to play the game the way they want. Each his own. Your philosophy is to force players to play the way YOU want. No extra features for anyone! Whether they like it or not! At least that’s what I see you advocating.

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I am not a Nuclear physicist I am a

Playing a nice computer game is like watching a nice soccer game. I do not want to see stuff when the game is on, but it would be nice with some stats when the game is paused. Then it would be similar to pausing the game, alt-tab to Grim Tools and double check some monsters stats, or the map etc. I do not know about you, but I see use and produce numbers 10 hours/day in my job, one can actually get tired of it.

Yeah that is why we have sets and nerfs, play the game YOU want, not the way crate wants you to play it :wink:

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EXACTLY! Doesn’t that piss you off when some stations don’t even display the score, and you get back from the bathroom and don’t know what the F the score is?

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score is essential since it is what the game is all about. Seeing the names of the players, a stamina bar, … not needed

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Seeing healthbars in a game about diminishing healthbars… I dunno… Sounds useful. :smiling_imp:

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sure it can be useful, and if its in the main game it would not be considered cheating since that is what you guys do to get fast crucible times. Now everybody will have that feature.

All the other features of GI, making the game a complete stat fest will make the game very bloated.

Speaking of damage numbers shown in game, I would like to have a feature to customize it. Like I do not wanna see the damage ticks from my aura of censure just primal strike when I play PS vindicator for instance.

If these kinda features are to be implemented, customization is much needed for an optimal experience as you touched upon earlier. Because as I see it now, it will be “nothing” or “bloated” and then I would prefer “nothing”

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Its not that there were no healthbars and this is something completely new. They have always been on the UI and all this does is centering essential information in a center spot. Allowing each enemy to have their own healthbar makes it possible to hide the damage numbers completely as you still know how much damage you deal to each enemy. Which will then result in a less cluttered screen with no more numbers flying around.

In the era where monitors grow as resolution does it gets more difficult to pay attention to all elements on the UI at the same time. And there are several cases where you want to do that (e.g. playing HC-Mode). However that might not be crucial for every player but for some it is. Your developing play style might one day also benefit from more possibilities. Instead of complaining, everyone should happily accept and try out new ways to set up your playing style!

Not necessarily. Shoot and Superfluff - some of the best crucible speedrunners - never used GI.

Exactly. Customization is king. As long as it’s not forced on the casual players and neatly hidden under “Advanced Settings” there is no reason not to include as much of it as possible.

With this I agree. I didn’t like those health numbers over the healthbars. Luckily they are togglable.

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There’s too much bloat anyway. I wish I could turn off some of the visuals, like the ones on Rune of Blades. It’s useful to have for the +10% piercing res, but the visual is just sooo big, can barely see my character in it.

Screen readibility on lower end Crucible is a mess. I can’t even see where Archmage Alexander is on 170th wave most of the time and it’s either him, or Kaisan/Gravathul that needs to go 1st. Fortunately Kaisan and Grava are both huge enough to be hard to miss… The floats, overdone spell effects and FPS drops are a bigger challenge than the actual content. and I do have a 1080Ti, so I’m not on some joke of a GPU. It’s one of the reasons I dont play cruci anymore (other than just being able to conquer 170th wave with extra spawns all the time, making this mostly a completed challenge to me, no point replaying).

To make this less of an all-bicker-no-substance post, could you add an option to disable visuals on buffs on the characters at least?


Not a bad idea.

You mean Blade Spirits? Oh, yeah… Not only are they a huge bloat but they are plain ugly. Pixelated. But surprisingly some people like them. All other FX reworks are great, and Crate does it all for free so I’m not very comfortable criticizing BS but… they should really really go!

Not blade spirits, the toggle from this:


as for Blade spirits, I like the visuals actually but find them too bright and too overbearing visually.

if they were less bright and more transparent, it would be OK.

I love the reworked FX but some are just “unhealthy” in the long run… even if they are pretty. They obscure vision and make it harder to react to AOE attacks and such. If I can’t react to telegraphed attacks because blade spirits obscure the boss completely, it directly interferes with the gameplay…

I will defenitely play with some kind of health bar or “hero” indicator for my char to see where he is :wink: Yeah I know its in the middle of the screen, so perhaps som “screen center” indicator would be good to have

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Are you playing with particle fx on high settings? In my opinion, it’s practically mandatory to run fx on low settings in crucible. High particles are fine for campaign though.

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