V1.1.4.1 Item Tuning

I suggested removing bleed, not pierce …

I know, but I am talking about how the item was before … it had flat pierce then, so “but removing pierce damage from at least a decent gun is not helpful” is referring to the devs decision to removing the pierce

Ah, I misunderstanded you, then :slight_smile:

Just a quick suggestion that I hope can be taken up in the Hotfix or next patch…

With builds such as Aether Battlemages that use Cadence or Blade Arc (https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2j87vjZ) or Aether EoR Templars (https://www.grimtools.com/calc/JVlWGAl2), perhaps we can make a change to the Magelord ring set to give Aether RR starved Arcanist-based builds something to use? The recent change to Fabric of Reality helped to increase damage against Aetherial/Aether Corruption enemies, but these types of classes really could use some more RR. Changing to Band of Eternal Haunt really drops the damage from the loss of conversion.

I would suggest changing the Aether Smash proc to one that applies a decent Aether RR (10-20%) rather than the simple damage proc that it is now. Maybe have it apply Aether + Physical RR since that is the theme with the Krieg set as well as the Magelord set…

Maybe there could be +3 Blade Arc added to the completion Bonus for the set as well?


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is it just me or the AoM mobs are dropping as many oathkeeper gear as the other two combined?

Since people are posting their shopping lists here, some suggestions:

  • Change aether res on Mage Slayer 3x bonus to vitality res. The set is designed for Arcanists, Inquisitors and Nightblades, two of which have aether res already in their mastery skills. This became extremely obvious when I played an Ignaffar Mage Hunter recently. Since most of the components that give you vit res also give you aether res, I suggest changing the 3x bonus from aether to vitality res. Currently e.g. my build ends up having a vitality overcap of 24% (after using vit res components and vit res augments) while having aether res overcapped by a whopping 129%.
  • Give mythical damnation a -0,5s mod for Doom Bolt to put it in line with the bloodsword repeater and clairvoyant wand. See [] [HC] Vitality Doom Bolt Sentinel [vids]
  • Change around the active abilities of mythical pestilence of dreeg to a proc instead, like you did with blightlord’s ability. See the above build for reference aswell.

Exactly. I wrote about it since FG was released. One more thing, black on white, for the endgame perspective Rah’Zin is a lacking set. Not just energy regen.

Rah’Zins seem to be fine on paper. Some builds even approached 6 minute Crucible clears at some point (Superfullf’s and my full green setups were quite close), there were some (dubious) SR achievements, someone might even have put on 8 MI, drunk 20 potions and killed Ravager. But honest feedback will not conceal the fact that this set is lacking. There is very little room for fixing energy regen. Builds cannot afford -150 oa by not using Osyr’s Temper. There is little to no energy regen on the way to Dying God and Abomination (or Aeon/Korvaak).

As Ceno described above, there are a few interesting builds that could’ve been kickass if not for the fact that they are mostly impossible.

That would free all aether binders from having to use Eternal Haunt and maybe result in sub 5 clears on the 3-piece Clairvoyaint (no helmet) AAR.


As well as numerous other aether builds… especially a lot of apostates/defilers/ purifiers that already have dual aether rr

Yeah… no. I’d rather not have the Deceiver version get even more advantage over the Warlock version.

Wreath of Souls
Mythical Wreath of Souls
Mythical Corpseflayer
These are the odd epic items with pet skills but no pet bonus stat, it would be nice to add some pet bonus stat to them.

Would also add that Shar’zul’s World Eater has a lot of overlap with Infernal Brimstone. Both are 2H Maces focused on Oathkeeper/Demolistionist (Shar’zul dips into Soldier a bit as well). Shar’zul would work a lot better on some physical builds if it dropped the Phys to Fire conversion, and Infernal Brimstone would flesh out its fire focus more if it picked up that Phys to Fire conversion. Thematically it would make sense having Shar’zul be the phys/fire alternative for oathkeeper/demo/soldier with Brimstone being the pure fire focus.

You forget that Worldeater has casting speed also so that it can be used for fire forcewave builds.

That’s very true, but Forcewave has lot’s of other conversion options if you are going for the fire damage route such as Shard of the Eternal Flame and Mythical Handguards of Justice.

So a build going for fire Forcewave still has plenty of options, but if you wanted to go for a Physical damage build with Forcewave, the conversion on World Eater would diminish it as a viable option.

Stonefist Rebuke is the weapon for 2H Physical Forcewave.

World eater also has flat fire damage, no idea on what physical build tihs weapon would be useful for.

Fire can be converted to phys. You could easily theory craft a Soldier/Demo physical build with a conversion-less World Eater that converts most of its fire damage to phys.

And then we would have the issue of each source of physical damage having individual armor checks.

I’d just use Avenger crusher

Shar’Zul is flagship fire 2h. Brimstone is burn 2h. There are physical 2h aplenty: Leviathan, Stonefist, Avenger.

Shar’Zul is pretty solid. No need for any changes at all imo

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Isn’t that true for all damage types?

I don’t see Avenger Crusher being as good for physical Commandos as a conversion-less Shar’zul would be, like you said with Brimstone it lacks cast speed.

The point I’m trying to make is this:
A) Shar’zul’s World Eater is intended to be primarily a Commando weapon.
B) Commando supports primarily physical and fire damage types, so most Commando builds feature those two damage types.
C) Shar’zul gives damage bonuses to both fire and physical.
D) Physical to Fire damage conversion on Shar’zul make it inappropriate for physical damage builds to utilize, effectively pigeon holing the item as a fire damage only weapon.
E) Physical to Fire damage conversion is on the whole plentiful, so Commandos using Shar’zul on fire builds have a bevy of other means of converting their damage.
F) If the damage conversion is removed it now allows Shar’zul to be an effective weapon choice for both physical and fire damage Commandos.

Armor is only for physical damage so no, its not the same.