V1.1.4.1 Item Tuning

Once again, I insist that this gun - https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/8702 can be made better, if it’s slightly tweaked towards ranged ABB.

This gun is used in the Silver Sentinel builds because the array of bonuses towards ABB line is too great to pass out + good bonuses and also because neither Chillwhisper, not Rimetongue support this style of play. This also essenially promotes Silver Sentinel as one of the good epic sets as well.

However, to be truly effective, ABB in range needs it’s cooldown to be either minimal or close to zero. This is where this build, this style starts to have major problems.

  • For starters, max cooldown with Rime helm and Sentinel is somewhere around 16%. It’s nowhere near enough for ABB to be a viable AA replacer.
  • Next is reliability on ABB. The builds have basically only ABB as a viable damage dealer, besides the Seal of Nights (extremely mana hungry, usually used only as a proccer).

So I simply propose to make ABB on this gun a spammable version for ranged users, like you did with Amarastan Crusher (please without ridiculous -50% damage, maybe just adding sufficiently more CD and adding like 20% chance to CD reset is enough).

Overall, the build is quite fun to use and occupies a niche slot. Providing it more support would be good, so please consider this.

Yup, thus item and builds it was used with was already mega-good, did not need this buff tbh.

You’d have to give up that precious seal of blades for Valdun rifle but at least a blessed whetstone would give you 100% pierce. Although the granted skill “behead” sounds kinda funny for ranged.

Any chance you can look at the Rah’zin’s Torment set?

This thread has good ideas, but basically more defense in some way would be lovely. I really want my Rah’binger deceiver to be more awesome :smile:

Nerfing blood crystal bleeding res hurts more build that are supposed to be
Well, 24% res for a single one was a little op, i admit
But 12% are not enough, i think 15% (30% for 2 crystal in both ring) is a good number

Fully agree with @Autentist and @mad_lee,
☼ conversion with physical to acid on Basilisk Fang hurt every fire aegis build
☼ adding +2 to inq on stormreaver is make this weapon are totally broken in terms of damage

P.S. once again I want to pay attention to the cooldown of eldritch shard on the Sentinel of the Three, 15 is INSANELY long, you fight with a group of enemies, pull shard, wait 15 sec, goto next enemy’s pack, repeat.
Please, drastically reduce cooldown, from 15 to 7 (or even 5) second

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I feel like Amarastan Crusher really, really missed the mark the spammable ABB threads were getting at. No cast speed, no built-in conversion leading you to be doing primarily physical damage, etc.

I feel like Northern Wyrm, Quillthrower of Dreeg, a reworked Leviathan focusing on cold cadence and spammable cold ABB, Venomlash and Olexra’s Chill are all fine candidates that are seeing little to no use otherwise.

Another option to consider would be adding it to Deathguard in some way. The set has been on the backburner for a very long time and I think it has a lot to do with a lack of spammable ability. Especially now that we have Dunefiend for Acid Shadow Strike.

I was so overwhelmed with joy when I saw you tested the waters with this ability but I think it was tried a little too cautiously.

I don’t have enough data for a bug report cause I’m on mobile but last night I noticed sharzul worldeater still had +1 soldier instead of +2. Can’t really confirm it cause I tried to verify my files which led to a 1.3gb download and I wasn’t able to go back to the game since then.

I pointed out that there wasn’t an easy way to convert Phys -> Acid for Aegis which might be a reason why this modifier was added.
Being able to convert the damage for that build type is a much more impactful factor than the relatively small bonuses the medal used to add IMO, so I think this change is for the better.

Thinking about it it makes sense thematically though, because it’s a Basilisk medal and those all tend to support Poison / Acid skills in some way.

Just use the venomblade set and replace the sword with it. It’s fun as heck.

This isn’t really a priority but I think a lot of low level blues could be buffed. I’m talking in the 15-30 range. I find the only ones I bother using are the ones with +1 mastery. Most greens are otherwise better. Weapons are generally fine.

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I stand by the suggestion that Corruption of Gargabol should have attack speed instead of CDR and maybe elemental to vitality instead of fire to vitality, and instead of making flametouched nerf your allies in multiplayer it could replace that skill mod with flat vitality damage to firestrike.

Mad_Lee improved Mage Hunter Invoker Set PRM :
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2j8R54Z and achieved a 6:08 crucible time despite the harder monster hp.

I was pretty wrong about Panetti’s Replicating Wand, the 70 elemental damage on it can be toned down to 50 or even 40. The crit damage on invoker can be tuned from 20% to 10%. I don’t want this to be tuned down too much. AOE Casters should be strong in Crucible and 6:30 is probably not too unhealthy. After all this build would of course die easily in SR.

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YZeomQE2 5:36 crucible 1.1.4
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2dYQz0V 5:15 crucible 1.1.4

Worth mentioning this requires a master pilot, build can very easily die in crucible and is annihilated in SR.

Ok woops about the 2 hander nadaan’s reach. My problem underestimating it was that I was dying too often, didn’t squeeze enough tankiness into it. You can also just tone down the weapon. In this case it’s more the pierce damage being out of control.

Though it’s worth mentioning that Blade arc is a little strong on 2 handers right now and the base skill might be too good. Lol maybe it needs a transmutor for 1 handers hahaha.

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/JVlWj1R2 Pyran Sorc is sub 6 minutes now which is a really nice thing. Probably just tone down the fire damage granted to devastation on the helm and tone down some more of the damage the set gives to mortar trap. 80 fire damage to mortar trap is scary when you are getting 5 of them up for long periods of time. You could also consider toning down stormfire from seal of destruction by like 5% weapon dmg and less burn. I’ve seen a few burn builds have a party with that thing. All this being said I think Pyran set should be one of the kings of Crucible since the skills its designed about make sense doing well there.

Fun note: Warlock Trozan’s Skybreach set is perfection atm.

Dreeg set is still in a weird place with low DA, barely can overcap resists and still get damage. I’d argue that DEE line can still use a bit of the PRM treatment and get some of its flat damage buffed on its skill line. It’s an EXTREMELY squishy set, might as well have comparable end game damage. We’re talking like 8 minute crucible times and can easily get killed unless you pilot very well by like SR 40. More weapon dmg would be nice for sustain too.

Here is a video of an acid Dervish getting 4:44 in SR, but this was last week. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Zh4IqcxjXs&feature=youtu.be They ofc hide grimtools.

Crimson’s Arcane Scepter can grant half the lightning dmg to AAR and still be fantastic. Was doing 6 minute Crucible 1.1.3.

This is true but we’d have to point out which ones because some of the low level epic blue weapons are very solid dps increases. It’s often the other slots that I find easily outclassed by normal vendor items.

I absolutely disagree. Thematically or not, this change elevates acid Aegis AT THE EXPENCE of Fire Aegis. If Zantai finds a solution, then all is well, but in this case Fire Aegis builds have literally no decent medal left for them at all.


Also it’s worth asking. I recall 7-8 minutes being a healthy range to you for Crucible Z, is this still the case?
Cuz if so there are a lot of 6:30 builds even that could be toned down too.

If 6:30 is okay then it seems like the time for glass cannons and AoE casters, and builds outside of these types should be getting slower times.

Also worth noting that a bunch of relic buffs seemed to miss their mark. I feel like Salvation could be a +1 all skills relic and if it breaks anything its other aspects could be toned down.

What is the definition of decent medal? That it has +skills to Aegis line or skill modifier?

Some skills and damage type would be fine. Basilisk was good, because it provided both the juicy crit and burn damage for Fire Aegis.

Other medals are exclusively physical and have zero mods.

I personnally find the myth. harbinger set very underperforming on my WB, in the pure ranged departement.
Not sure of why, nor how it underperforms. Or maybe it is me. I have the feeling that once i’ll put my hands on the full rah’zin, coupled with Myth. harbinger set, all could change for my ranged WB. Or may be it’s because it’s a minor set (3 pieces).

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Zantai, one of the big complaints and excuses I see in some circles about pushing for builds to be 6 minutes is so the crucible buffs last long enough to do 3 runs. Can you just buff Crucible buff durations to 30 minutes so this excuse is killed and slower builds can do 3 cycles? I don’t actually care much either way. Alternatively you could nerf duration to 10 minutes and watch heads explode, but it would make crucible farming worse :confused:

Please, when you, guys, decide which things needs buff and which ones nerf look and combine damage + surviving ability, not a pure damage. So, why Pyran and Invoker that could easy die here and there,but not a, say, Warborn or Belgotian suggesting to nerf? May be it’s just for me, but when more risky build outperform more tanky in terms of Cruc. time it’s a perfect balance.

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I agree with this but also think there’s a line in the sand in Crucible times that should not be crossed. And you also have to consider synergy. Synergetic combos probably should have a bit more of both worlds. It’s… it’s fucking complicated lol.

But yes generally tankier builds can be slower. Squishy AOE casters fast.

You added +2 to Soldier Skills to the mythical Obsidian Juggernaut. So i suppose it should be an ideal weapon for a witchblade. But it only has cast Speed instead of Attack Speed. Can you please switch it to attack Speed?