V1.1.4.1 Item Tuning

The cast speed is for its ability.

Just adding AS (not remove CS) ?

I know. Ideally the weapon could have both. If i could make a wish, i would rework the skill into a wps proc.
This could be enough to justify a witchblade with rahzin instead of a witch hunter.

ABB scales off of attack speed and the mace gives good attack speed.

You mean changing Obsidian Tremor to a wps? Please, no. We need more build enabling item skills, not wps which the game has already enough.

Was excited about the relic section because I wanted to see some Azraaka’s Epoch tuning. This relic is so hard to build yet it falls behind generalistic Serenity even on a pierce+crit focused build. I feel the absense of + to skills should be compensated with smth more than just fancy pseudopets clearing up trash mobs. Making the dmg fully piercing would help against heroes+ but dmg is not the issue, it’s lack of utility. Smth like 7% adcth would be nice. I really want this relic to work cause it’s a pretty cool concept.

Nadaan’s Reach bleed-heavy build got nerfed but it also nerfed non-overperforming builds where bleed is only a support. The weapon itself didn’t seem OP. Maybe some general utility in return? Like 4% cast speed, or up the cdr, or some other small bonus just for Nightblade that doesn’t get +2 to skill from it.

Would be nice to see some buffs to Runibinder’s set items. When you theorycraft an inquisitor-heavy non-ranged build you just cant justify taking the set because innate gear bonuses are very low and when you take 4 pieces to reach +2 in inquisitor - at that point just a combination of Fettan Mask, some inquisitor amulet and some shoulder+chest to your liking will net you more AND provide better flexability.

Sorry, my feedback is only on pierce. I’m relatively new and currently am perfecting the first build so it’s the only thing i know. :smiley:

If people in these forums talked about failure modes and reliability as much as speed, this line would be a lot more blurry. I suspect most glass cannons live on GD Stash to skip the tribute game, at least for the purpose of showcase threads.

Also, and I quote myself: it’s worth remembering that Crucible without blessings is still very challenging for the overwhelming majority of builds, including those who can otherwise clear it with ease. It hasn’t been reduced to an all-comers speedrun contest; it’s merely played like one because it’s far more accessible that way.

The whole Crucible thing is a problem of convention as much as balance. Thought experiment: imagine if someone used Challenger as the standard because Gladiator is too hard on their fragile build. How would their contribution be received?

(We are going off-topic, aren’t we? I’ll try to post something actionable later.)

Less fun note: by your own standards, it should be getting nerfed. :P Although maybe it fits your “king of Crucible” archetype, it’s a soap bubble in deep SR and not all that sturdy in Crucible itself.

Key detail: lightning Invoker. What happens to fire or elemental Invoker when you nerf PRM items to address mad_lee’s ultra-polished build? What I’d do is test a 50-50 aether conversion to lightning and fire, rather than 100% lightning. Test, mind.

I do sometimes wonder if Crucible would be a better game mode without the buffs, or even just without the offensive red buff. My point about the line in the sand is that past a certain point in Crucible times I think pretty much anyone looking at the scope of things would agree that damage output is overtuned. Those 4:45 builds lul.

Trozan Warlock? Really? I thought it was hitting like 6:30/6:40. Is it because it’s also super safe? I could buy into that and wouldn’t mind it being toned down a bit. I saw it passing SR75 pretty easily too. If it’s not super safe then did someone get a much better time?

Very fair point on Invoker. A more nuanced tuning nerf is always welcome friend.

I am still sad on the nerf on Allagast set’s storm box. I wanted it to be back to its original value in at least.
After such a long time, who can expect that this set is finally nerf-worthy.

Have someone already mentioned the lack of legendary piercing damage gloves? That is what mad_lee was talking about in this thread

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We are going to bring back the Vitality to Chaos conversion on another belt.

I’ve reviewed everything posted here and you should expect some changes in the hotfix patch.

Keep it coming!

What is even going on here…

this is glass cannon spec infused with few double rare greens and a very lucky skillful run. It is also pre pre nerf.

The Phys -> Acid could be moved to Viperfang gloves that currently has a mostly redundant Fire -> Acid that is already covered by the transmuter, and Basilisk Fang could get a more universal bonus back if many people think this is a problem.

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Somehow it’s this build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/dVblMrYN. It’s lost a bit of time since then but not that much. Shows how unobtainable greens can make hyper offensively focused builds stay afloat. Those resists from the greens and DA are mandatory.

It also lets it use 2 vitriolic gallstones instead of seals for defense, so another 200% acid and poison dmg and 4 flat acid on each weapon. That green ring…

But the build lost aether resist on the belt and it probably doesn’t function as well anymore Z so maybe hold the pedal on this one.

Only 5 double rare’s, I can do better

Mythical Leviathan

Zantai, this 2h-physical ABB stuff is not working. It’s way too gimmicky, it’s anti-synergetic and anti-thematic to the whole Nightblade class. Two-handed meta is picking up the crumbs and enjoying the side effects of your buffs to 1h Blade Arc (still doesn’t work) and Bloodrager set (meant for Bleeding).

Can we please start properly buffing two-handed items now? Blademasters have plenty of super strong builds, 2h phys ABB is the last thing that someone would do with their Blademaster.

Please, let’s rework 2H-Leviathan into proper physical 2hander that buffs relevant physical Soldier class combos like Witchblade and/or Death Knight.

Wait wait wait, are you guys talking about chaos to vit conversion on lunal’valgoth’s waistguards?
I actually like the conversion and just wanted to try this build:
seems fit perfectly.

Are you guys want to swap this again or what??? :scream:

EDIT: On a side note, rotgheist needs Energy regen!!

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Don’t know if it’s hotfix worthy but I’ll drop my recent post/thoughts on Gavel of Ravenous Souls here.

I can ride very well with this suggestion, yes. It’s too bad Perdition is epic, we could have moved this conversion right there, where it belongs.

I even forgot about physical aegis, people have used the basilisk’s for physical aegis aswell quite a lot.


+1 to this. I know that feeling now :frowning:

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