V1.1.4.1 Item Tuning

btw, +1 to this. Rather nerf %armor values to 4% but bring bleed res back up.

I have never had problem with bleeding res, but I play with green items so

My opinion is make it 15% bleed, 3-4% armor tweak. Armor is too high for bloodied crystal. It also has significant DA.

And I’d like to remind that rotgut augment is effectively replaced by arcanum dust, so either add some extra (pierce resist?) to rotgut or slightly reduce arcanum. 10% elemental resist is far better than 15% type boost.

Never mind this, the build is horrible and vitality DEE doesnt really work, whether it’s spam or bomb ver.

Agree on this.

Don’t nerf arcanum dust please, as I am just having fun with it! :stuck_out_tongue:
I think just give irrah a flat acid, and rotgut a flat poison dot.

That Acanum Dust has helped a bunch of stuff out and I like it too, I don’t think it makes anything OP. I wouldn’t mind it being tuned down to 7% though. It’ll sting on some builds but still be picked.

I’m still waiting Acid to Cold Conversion to ABB an opposed to 4 acid ABB and 2 physical ABB.

To convert all the Acid damage ABB doesn’t do?

ABB get it from Lethal assault, item modifiers etc.
So we have conversions on buffs like that (new fire to cold pneuma, or older elemental to acid blood of dreeg)


I have a nice double rare of this one that I wanted to make an ABB build around @DenisMashutikov

I want a nice double rare of this one to make an ABB build :smile:

There’s a lot of talk of giving OA or DA to Rah’zin, but how about some flat Energy Regen? A lot of Rah’zin specs I come up with - not even just the Witchblades I tote around, this also applies to a recent Rah’zin Pyromancer - are winding up with extremely poor Energy Regeneration stats, usually in the single-digits.

It feels quite un-fun to work with and play with as a result. Rah’zin Witch Hunters don’t really suffer too much from this, though, as they aren’t as high-energy-use as other mastery combos.

Edit: 4-6 regen on the chest or belt (or split between both) would be a good spot imo. I think the amulet/shoulders/set bonuses are loaded enough as it is.

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I really like the item Eldritch Gaze. But i have a problem to build a chaos witchblade with this item. At first i tried to concentrate on spamming blade arc. But no other item is boosting both chaos and blade arc.

Then i tried a build with rah’zin and the set skill and built in a few blade arc strikes with the transmuter. But in my opinion the skill investments weren’t worth it, because i could just do another strike with the set bonus.

I came to the conclusion that a temporarily bonus would be the best solution, so it is suitable to sprinkle some blade arc swings in.

Idelally i would want a -10 % chaos rr. But Bonusses to OA/DA could work just fine

Coven’s Bloodied Ash: I don’t know how many people use the health regeneration bonus from this, but I’d love a pierce + bleed augment. The armor augments for bleeding resistance could use some variety, as only bleed and bleed + vitality are currently available.

(Yes, you can get a lot from components, but not always enough.)

Trozan's Skybreach

Offensively, TSS Skybreach is now a powerhouse. Warlock especially has great gameplay, it’s the kind of resilient glass cannon that doesn’t crack until it shatters. Like the sky shards themselves, I guess. :P

Two notes, quoting from elsewhere:

  • The Slow modifier on TSS doesn’t stack with native Slow from Frozen Core (as far as I know). Slow is also applied by wind devils. I’d just remove it, seeing as Skybreach TSS is already the strongest TSS by a significant margin; no additional modifier needed. If you want to add something… movement speed, which Druid is short on.
  • There’s no bleed resistance anywhere in Skybreach and supporting items. Starfury Emerald is excellent now (it was good already), but it “only” has thematic resistances. Would some bleed resistance fit, say 15%? It would be in line with things like Aetherbolt Pendant and Stormseer Sapphire, not to mention e.g. Iskandra’s or Invoker’s. I think the 22 DA can go if it comes to it. Alternatively, it could be added to the 2-piece bonus for Eastern set, perhaps?

In terms of balance, I think these two setups (reference thread) are the best attainable, or nearly so:

(They’re not Crucible farmers unless you cheat, they die too easily to win the tribute game.)

Other, sturdier setups aren’t quite as powerful: Cataclysm Skybreach Warlock (reference thread), 6:40 Crucible (don’t know whether it’s an average run or a fast/slow one.)

If nerfing, I’d start by considering some of the following changes before looking for something heavier-handed:

  • Decrease % OA from 2-piece Eastern to 4-5%. It’s more reasonable now that Arcanist has native OA, and besides… 7% from a 2-piece epic? (Confident about this one.)
  • Skybreach: reduce DA shred from Fallen Comet to 120 or so. Again, native OA. (Fairly confident.)
  • Starfury Emerald: the extra cold is not strictly needed. It mostly serves to equalize cold/lightning a bit in the flat damage component of TSS. (Fairly confident.)
  • Skybreach: the radius bonus is not strictly needed. It was added to base TSS as of 1.1.3. (Hesitant about this one as it would impact Allagast as well.)
  • Skybreach: slightly decrease Sigil damage. (Hesitant. I don’t know how it would impact Conjurers.)

TSS damage is very crit-dependant, so decreasing OA shouldn’t be that feeble a nerf. Whatever else, don’t touch the CDR of Skybreach and Rolderathis, which is not just about raw power: it’s what makes Skybreach gameplay.

I don’t know how Skybreach conjurers fare, so please keep that in mind.

Zantai, pet builds are overperforming. NERF them hard. Builds where you do nothing other than running shouldn’t even be possible

You’ll be forever known as animal hater :scream_cat: Why stop at pets, why not remove whole retaliation. What kind of style is waiting for mobs to hurt themselves?

Why you don’t propose nerfs to overpowered items instead removing styles from the game?

Totally the correct place of having this discussion… not

Yes, I almost forgot, thanks for reminding. Full retaliation builds must not be possible, too)))

They are not since retaliation damage only activates from melee attacks.

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Very productive and constructive…


I mean, this is a game. In a game there must be action where you push buttons to do things. In case of this game, it’s many stuff, including attacking, finding optimal strategy for a given situation. Passive builds remove one element of the game. I don’t understand how you can even enjoy the game with passive builds. It’s basically cheating or being overpowered. Not even gods in this game have this power