V1.1.4.1 Item Tuning

I suggest making Night’s Chill doing -% elemental resistance instead of just cold to bolster the Saboteur and Dervish style builds.

This was already done for Mines, etc. It’s not gonna make it OP either, and many builds would be grateful.


Highly +1 for it
Fire Saboteur, Fire Dervish and Lightning Trickster deserved more love
Also it will not make Infiltrators more powerful - they already got a cold rr on vial

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As much as I want to make tri-elemental Nightblade, frankly Nightblade is already so strong now. I don’t think buffing them again will be good for the game. Also it’s not really thematic to the Nightblade theme.

I think a strong mastery like oathkeeper and Nightblade should keep only one element RR.


Bring increased piercing on belt back or make new item for it. My Belgo BM with Redeemer of Malmouth cant use it, that belt and the new necklace is the only way i can get pure piercing damage on this toon.

Consider giving this item a higher armor piercing value also, how about 40%

I understand, but not all Nightblade comboes will be using that conversion to full stop. Think about it, Infils have their conversion, Saboteurs have fire, etc. This way everyone will use what’s needed, not everything at once.

And yeah, while Dervishes and Saboteurs have poor RR, they will go nowhere, especially Saboteurs on fire.

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If it happens I need to rub my eyes. Damn imagine Fire Dervish, fire N&O and lightning Tricksters or tri-elemental Infiltrators, how cool is that gonna be :nerd_face:

But doubt is gonna happen ever.

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I dont have much characters with ranged 2H setup. But after playing my myth. valdun character again, i really find it lacks something. Not the set entirely, but the rifle. Too weak for a mythical 2H ranged weapon, imho. No dmg modifier to any skill, or anything else … Overall, the sets released before FG and with FG are way better than old sets. I guess that’s why we are asked about X or Y items being ‘underpowered’ , from a gamer point of view.

I can relate. After the patch I took Silverbolt and never looked back.

This about sums up Silverbolt before the patch, too.

One of the most confusing buffs.

(But don’t let that distract from Valdun rifle also being quite poor itself)

-1 to Nex and Ortus being redesigned around fire Sabouter. I think they are fine as it is - great (and only) swords for Sabouter who basically has 1 and a half builds available for endgame.
Big -1 to adding elemental to Nightblade, it’s going to open a huge can of worms. Rather give Fire or/and Lightning RR to Night’s Chill thru relevant items like Blazeheart or Stormheart or whatever.

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highly agree. lightning trickster and fire sabo&dervish deserve more love than, for ex, being hardly able to lower Valdaran’s lightning resist to 0 (if we talk about trickster).
See no clue what “can of worms” may be opened with simple buffing of three classes.

Highly disagree. See inquisitor? Passive elemental RR. Autopick for elemental builds. If elemental RR on night’s chill happens nightblade will basically be the elemental class. No more to pick Occultist, Shaman or even Inquisitor for elemental RR unless you use another skill from that class. Yes it’ll displace even inquisitor since Veil of Shadow isn’t an exclusive skill.

You guys are thinking DW fire sabo, DW lightning trickster. But in reality what will happen is canister sabo, stormreaver trickster. WORSE - it’s gonna be DW fire Infiltrator, DW lightning infiltrator. DW elemental infiltrator. Totaly agree with @mad_lee here. It’s a huge can of worms


The FUCK are you talking about? You do realise there are Cold Saboteurs as well? And they will benefit greatly from this change, yes? N&O will remain exactly as they are - swords for Sabo.

Yeah, cool, the swords which already have their own mods and own styles. Wrong.

How is this a problem for you??? There are sooo many Sabo builds out there that Canister Sabo is a problem? Or god forbid, lightning Trickster instead of Vindicator?

Yeah, cool. Fire DW Infiltrator without Fire Fervor and swords with ADCtH. Good luck with ABB, btw.
Lightning Infiltrator without Savagery. Hahahaha, are you serious?
Yeah, again. Since when Tri-elemental Nightblades are a problem? In 2016 there were great tri-ele Sabo buiilds by Jaco. Everything’s buried now.

You are greatly overestimating this change. Additional RR won’t do shit for classic cold Infiltrators. Moreover, maybe we can finally get Stormserpent out of it’s misery.
Jesus Christ, people.

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Calm down, mr. Praetorian, we are on the same side. I am talking about me being against Nex and Ortus redesigned into FIRE Sabouter swords. I want them remain what the are now. And I do “realise there are Cold Sabouters as well” as I am the the one who made the best cold Sabouter in the game.

You do realise it doesn’t have to be melee auto-attacking Infiltrator to break the game balance and post 4:30 Crucible run? Also, Deathmarked Infiltrator attacks with a punny Beronath auto-attack and is still the best all-around auto-attacker in the game.

If you add elemental RR to Veil of Shadow I will make Tricksters and Infiltrators that will be the reason for instant hotfix patches, I promise you that. And it’s not going to be hard.

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Besides balance, making VoS another elemental RR aura would just devalue the identity of AoC as THE elemental RR aura. Multiple skills doing the exact thing is just lame in terms of diversity.

Yeah I don’t know… I think we should try to avoid putting more RR on passive abilities.

We’re not adding new RR to Veil of Shadows, you guys can move on.


to be honest any on death proc on pet items should be change to on hit or on critical hit, its almost impossible to make use of the procs and because of this pet build cannot make full use of an item made for them, if you care to change when hit procs on items like black hand of hanar i would also be even more happy, also buff the black grimoire of og napesh pls, i loved the item on vanilla grim dawn but the revenant might be one of the most fragile pets on the game right now, kinda sad because he was supposed to be a damage soaker on a pet build, i don’t want him to be the tankiest or overpower, just want him to survive any encounter with a boss/nemesis or any strong hero… pls zantai giff me moar skellies ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

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I know I mentioned my thoughts about bloodied crystals on discord Z… but I am in the camp of making it flat armor instead of %armor. This will make them better for those in light armor, and worse for those in heavy. Also how about taking bleed res back to 15%.

Also maybe giving rune bound topaz +physique instead of plus health. Or perhaps a small amount in addition to the health. This would create a bit more of a difference between the two.