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Sorry, I’ll edit as every melee savagery build :smiley:

I use them on my so I dont have to use green pants and blue ring.


Nooo, my secret god builds meme builds!

I’ve voiced these concerns on Discord but not on the forums about Ember’s Calling. I’ve put four builds together for it (on grimtools, two of those four have been played in-game, which I’ll describe here) and none of them make use of the innate global conversion to the set. For one - Chaos DEE - the innate conversion actually winds up getting in the way.

Here, a min-cooldown Vindictive Flame Ember’s Calling Saboteur: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/Q2z8e79Z For this build, the conversion on Ember’s Calling doesn’t really amount to anything substantive. In theory, it’d go a little bit of the ways toward improving Blade Spirit damage, but the Blade Spirit conduit already has the same conversions at 100% efficiency!

Secondly, a Chaos DEE Witch Hunter: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/m23k0vn2 (still debating whether to transmute or not, but it doesn’t matter for this thread) Not surprisingly, the triplicate of Pierce and Cold to Fire does very little for a Chaos DEE build! In fact, it only gets in the way of trying to also develop a potent Shadow Strike usage as well.

I wouldn’t be surprised if these conversions are maybe relevant for some Grenado/Canister conversions, but I feel like those conversions are already setted for (Barrelsmith, etc.). But so far for things specific to Ember’s Calling itself, I haven’t been able to make good use of these conversions in a meaningful way and at worst have had to work around them.

Some innate X -> Chaos conversion or Phys -> Fire conversion (for Vindictive Flame) would be greatly appreciated in place of what’s presently there!



Here’s my Blightlord Oppressor that struggled in… Roguelike dungeon. To be more specific, in Ancient Grove against Gargabol. Now, I was kiting him like a mother-trucker, mind you, and still was getting one-shot when I was trying to reapply Siphon Souls on him. Stuff like Bat wouldn’t help either since it’s huge spike damage that killed me. In-game I have 17% phys res, which is not extremely terrible for a caster, but I was thinking if some phys res on Festerblaze Vestments OR Scorchrune Legwraps would help.

Also, build only has 80% burn duration (comes from devotions), which limits kiting even further as you must reaplly all your burn damage every 5 seconds or so. My suggestion is to add burn duration to Blazeseer set - either through set bonus or on belt/medal. Crimson Lotus belt already does that on top of +1 to OK and +2 to Ravenous Earth. Medal slot is usually occupied by Korvaak’s Brand.

Speaking of which, I’m using Blademaster’s Talisman relic for dual-wielding. It’s an okay relic, but its narrow focus on % physical and % elemental damage is bothersome, especially considering granted WPS does bleed damage as well. Its ranged counterpart, Plunderer’s Talisman, provides % all damage, which makes it more diverse. It would be nice if Blademaster’s Talisman received the same treatment.

For this one I wanted to create a separate suggestion topic, but it’s very minor and since you’re reading this… Please add 15% chaos damage to Gallows. I believe it’s the only dual-damage type constellation that grants only 24% damage to the second type =)

Can you do a similar thing for Chthonic Seals of Binding? A lot of crafting recipes require these, and it’s easy to run out of them, so you have to farm the same “boring” locations. Maybe increase their drop rates and make them drop also from other sources (maybe from other Chtonic heroes or from totems). Or make recipes require less of them.


@Ceno your sabo looks similar to Alexgold fish [] Saboteur caster-auramancer 150-170 4m 53s. SR 75-76 and other super bosses

I made purifier and tried to focus on VF dmg [] Vindictive Fame - Ember's Calling Aura Purifier (SR 75-76) just to see how powerful it is not relying on 3 blade spirits.

I would like to ditch the cold > fire conversion on the shoulder and replace with physical to fire conversion (would be the first of its kind then afaik)

I had the same problem while crafting DW Chaos Sabo; pierce>fire conversion gets in the way; you lose damage even when you use the helmet to rah’zin set as complementary in Witch Hunter. In my opinion, there are already lots of pierce>fire gears that doesn’t contratict with the set pieces like cinderplate belt, moltenclaw slicers etc. Both chest and shoulder having cold>fire and helmet having phys resist instead of conversion might be better.

Heh, not a fan of using the shield. Get more damage from the scepter.

Only so many ways to skin a cat, though. :wink:

Festerblaze aldready has 12% phys res on 3 piece bonus. Stacking too much phys res on Blue sets are not productive I think because they are meant to be placeholders for mythical gear.

Did you check this build out btw? Apostate: Festerblaze Set - Fire based Ravenous Earth & Rune Of Kalastor - SR 75-76 / Cruici 150-170

I am phys res sucker and shield adds additional AoE to it

Huh, you’re right. I missed that set bonus. Scratch that then.

Well, it uses Bat, Giant, PDiamond and Seal, so it’s bound to be more durable I guess. Not really interested in Apostate though =)

Any chance of slightly lowering the penalties of dying in sr? I just think you went overboard a little bit.


Acid Drain Essence feels like it’s worse than Acid AAR despite AAR having no acid support (outside of conversions) and Drain Essence having a conduit that gives 10% Total damage and some nifty acid support.

Acid Drain Essence Reaper Grimtools

I’ve tried SR65 multiple times and I always die to big hits in the Boss Room. The build’s stats don’t appear to have any major weaknesses (the build’s low DA is cancelled out by a total of 460 or so OA shred), but even with minimal interruptions to cast Ravenous Earth and Ill Omen, Drain Essence doesn’t pull its weight.

I know there was a SSF Cold Drain Essence build posted recently, but would you think of lowering DE’s Energy Costs a bit? Aether DE gets all the spotlight cause it’s Spellbinder, but non-Arcanists have a tough time getting the Energy needed. 180 Energy per second just isn’t enough - I guess I can go for Scales since I have the conversion, but I don’t want Scales to be a crutch for skills that are just too Energy hungry on their own.

Runebinder. I tried several specs:

  1. Purifier, fire focused. I gave feedback on this one. It simply can’t kill solo Iron Maiden.
  2. Infiltrator, full cold runes + fully converted blade spirits. I couldn’t complete a single 75-76 run without dying no matter how much I was trying to pilot.
  3. Deceiver, bi-elemental. I made this build even in AoM, and surprisingly it is the most balanced of the all I tried after. It doesn’t have problems with mana, has decent phys res and ADCtH, but starves on %damage and has no conversion for runes, that leads to low DPS output. The only way is to go for non-dedicated items that has only %fire or %cold damage.

I already wrote that set needs phys res bonus, slightly more res on the pices and mana regen bonus, moreover full set doesn’t make any sence for caster as soos as it doesn’t have enough skillpoints for both runes and has even more energy issues.

Pierce Runebinder with Nadaan was very decent build that managed to solve all the problems elemental Runebinders have - here is the example of Tactician of mine. But Nadaan rework completely broke builds like that making builders go for non-dedicated ranged belt with elemental conversion. I want to remind that Nadaan rework was a part of the crusade against converted blade spirits meta. Now, when BS were adjusted several times, I believe it’s time to bring the conversion back


Hey Z, fwiw I fired up my Dagallon Purifier after the patch hit and ran him through SR 65 as I normally do (love the new boss rooms and spacing btw).

I noticed there was no item skill modifier on the tooltip for Flame Touched (chaos damage converting to Fire/Lightning) even though I had it toggled on. Is this a bug? Prob a noob question but I thought worth mentioning.

Tool tips never show this afaik.

It def did when it was on FS before though.

But flame touch is a global modifier

It doesn’t show them in-game. Show us yor build at least, will ya?

Haha sure, this is what I’ve been playing for quite a few patches now, bit of a mix between my own ideas and SuperFluff’s Dagallon build from a year ago or so:

Dagallon Purifier

Don’t want to derail this thread so I’ll just leave it at that, as far as the tooltip thing I stand corrected if I was wrong about the modifier being displayed. :+1:

The only chaos damage you have is from seal of the void that converts physical to chaos (and when you have abomination proc up)

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