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No, it’s not. Sorry

I checked superfluff builds before, mostly fantasy gears. Only double rares sword (infernal + wildlife) can beat Sharzul’ mace, and you know it is impossibru. I know builders tend to pick the best choice to test, but I prefer realistic.

how would you help me improve it then

I don’t have a particular build ('cause I deleted all my Rotgheist builds not to comeback to it never ever) and I don’t want to say anything bad about Rotgheist, but, hey, look, how may Rotgheist builds we have on the forum…

Have you investigated where the limit is? I think you on average will find a better sunherald than any sharzul wpn though. Sunherald is fast farm :stuck_out_tongue:

I have 6 sunherald swords saved, 4 of them are double rare affix

Alright, so we’ve figured Valdun got nerfed to death because it was god-tier or something like that.

But there’re sets that never performed great - or at least some parts of them. Set in question is a BLUE one, so you can’t really expect it to shine over a legendary set, can you.

The set is: Flame Keeper. The only rather recent build I’ve found that uses it is by @tqFan: Flame Keeper of the Blaze - my results | 7-8s MQ | Crucible ready

And… that’s a Purifier. Who would’ve thought? But anyway, I decided to make something different and do a Shieldbreaker instead.


Now, OK part supports Vire’s Might - which I enjoyed and was happy to try a “run-n-gun” build. But Shieldbreaker has some big problems. Here’s a video of a FULL SR 60(!) run which took me 15 minutes.

If you don’t want to torture yourself (because I’m a rather bad pilot and my PC is a potato) and just want to see boss rooms, watch at 4:35 and 11:47 marks.

I admit that I did some piloting errors, but being a great pilot is not a criteria is it? Main problems are as follows:

  1. Resists. Barely capped Cold, Lightning, Vitality and Acid res (which is under the cap in GT). Aether and Chaos are only slightly overcapped.
  2. Physical resistance. This one is separate from others because… it’s even more terrible. If it wasn’t for huge 7% phys res from gloves… It can be somewhat fixed if pants are swapped for Hellforged Legplates though.
  3. Need to rely on boots affixes, namely, on Of Featherstep suffix to be able to ~cap stun and trap res which are crucial for this high mobility build.
  4. Demolitionist portion of the set supports BWC, although it is highly implied this set is for autoattacking: huge attack speed, granted WPS. I had zero points in it because you can’t be bothered throwing it while skating, shooting and casting Thermite Mines and Flashbang.
  5. Vire’s Might puts you in harm’s way quite a bit. I like the idea, but had to leave the main skill at one point and max out Volcanic Stride. With VM maxed it eats too much energy and leaves you skill-point starved.

So what can be done? Well…

  1. Replace bleed res on belt with acid res. Like I already said somewhere in this topic, getting acid res on elemental builds (fire especially) is tough. Bleed res you can get from more sources (like Bloodied Crystalls which will also help with armor a bit). Increasing aether and chaos res on shoulders is also welcome, as those are the lowest present on the set.
  2. Add phys res somewhere on the set. ~4% on chest or shoulders should suffice.
  3. Replace skill bonuses to BWC to some generic stuff like Flame Touched, Blast shield, Flashbang, etc. It’s not a BWC focused set and this skill is only used for debuffs on such builds, so you’d probably don’t want it above softcap anyway.
  4. This one is sorta optional, but still can be rather important: some freeze res on 3-piece bonus perhaps would be great. Boots need stun and trap res on them as I already stated, rings need Bloodied Crystalls or Runebound Topazes in them, depending on what you’re lacking. I grabbed Throne and Clarity of Purpose provides some, but that’s it. Being frozen interrupts skating, and that’s the main idea of Oathkeeper’s part on the set.

Sorry for the wall of text. But I hope I was able to make my point.

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Dude, I farm this **** a lot, the best I got so far is a searing of wildlife, or infernal of something usless, and its way far weaker than infernal of wildlife. And it takes century to finish a run.
Some mini boss runs can do less than 30s, some are 10-15 mins, even longer than act boss.
Back to topic, pls give some physic res to Dagallon set, its so squishy.

Aura of Censure itself deserves a buff.




Why an exlusive skill has the same RR value as common skills and why its DR is sow ridiculously low?


Not mine calc but its better than yours

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Way easier and faster than a BoC run, and its like this

  1. considering how easy it is to get a decent one, and you wanna play fire FW - this is what you wanna get
  2. with BiS rolls, this weapon is stronger than world eater

1/ If I cant get the BiS sword, I prefer Sharzul mace.
2/ LOL, everyone knows that.

You will get it eventually, I have plenty of good ones as I mentioned.

No, not everyone knows that. Just as everyone does not know how to add flat acid damage to RE question about converted damage

I’d say that the whole elemental part of Inq needs some big love.
What do we have?

  • RoH - fine still as it is.
  • RoK - looks like crap. Very hard to hit small targets, also 3 damage types make it way harder to be converted.
  • WoP - good as a support skill but when you invest all in it. Some flat increase is welcomed.
  • Stormbox - after multiple nerfs, just a support skill and proccer.
  • Censure - Night’s Veil RR for the cost of Exclusive Ability and VERY mediocre DR. Also, damage on it is small and makes little sense.

and even if double rares beat Worldeater, the difference between 4 double-rares and full blue/purple setup is less than 20 sec.


I’m sorry, but asking for Censure buffs is far too funny. Literal years of calling the skill broken, Zantai nerfs it so that people will shut up about it, but now it deserves buffs? Make up your mind.

Me and Ceno literally used the fact that it’s an exclusive to justify it having higher DR than other skills, but still people complaing that it was broken. Same for having higher RR than Night’s Chill and other non-exclusive RR skills.


You say it as if the game hasn’t changed through all these years
Those times Inq was OP, 'cause other masteries sucked, now all masteries got deserved buffs while Inq only got nerfs. Inquisitor is the worst mastery right now with no jokes.

So if other masteries sucked, why didn’t you asked for buffs to those instead of constantly complaining about Censure? Seems right now the skill would be a in a better place instead of requirng buffs.

Personally I wasn’t active on the forum those times, so no need to blame me the way you are talking

People complained about Censure up until at least FG (it got nerfed after FG was released) and that was 2019, you were already here. You probably didn’t complained about it, but many others did.

I’m not against Censure buffs (in fact it shouldn’t have gotten a lot of the nerfs it did), but it’s far too funny to ask for those when for well over two years it was called the most broken skill in inquisitor.

This is how you get @Xervous coming in here claiming inquisitor is still OP :joy:

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