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Non-Tremor Forcewave is the lowest-hanging fruit possible, but many Blitz MIs compete with Forcewave MIs for the same slot and when we start converting Blitz to Cold, etc., Forcewave gets left behind. However, I doubt that combining those Blitz MIs with Forcewave MIs that specifically buff the Non-Tremor version is in the scope of a small balance patch

And then there’s also the gazillion or so Blade Arc MIs, which could also mean that Blade Arc could be used inbetween Blitz casts, but Blade Arc, unlike Tremor Forcewave, is a solid spell on its own. Which means that Blade Arc builds are fine with spamming Blade Arc for damage 100% of the time and only using Blitz for the utility. :confused:

you’re overstacking DA, conversion conflicting your dmg type/main skill, skipping bonus OA ex in devotions, and picking items that lack of OA which you could get such sources

blindside being “lackluster” wouldn’t solve that there

the problem Blitz has, is that’s it’s ridiculously powerful. That means if Blindside were to be upped it could potentially quickly compound, and if it were addressed in the sense of SS fashion “main skill”, it would be utterly ludicrous in potential, probably just ending up seeing nerfs, making people’s desire for Blindside or Blitz even less.

i think Baka is right on the money here with Blitz, and Blindside “as is” serves its purpose fairly well when not intended to be a SS competitor.

Doesn’t mean that building for Blitz is a fools errand like maybe holystar alluded to, just that one has to keep the “cost savings” and power performance in mind when wanting to try include it in the “siblings” leagues like SS - as Baka mentioned.
for less costs it comes with more damage than VM and almost compares to an unmodified SS. Making it a very useful “freebie” to incl or even dedicate a little more investment too.
Touching Blitz-Blindside would just quickly spiral out i think if it started to get treated like an SS/Vm “main”, and the “abuse” potential could be big, just resulting in pointless nerfbacks anyway

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I am not advocating for direct buffs to Blitz without tradeoffs, or at least that’s not what I wanted to do. I just shared my experience because people were talking about Blitz. I know it’s ridiculously powerful. I even pointed out that Blitz is the best spell in a build that is supposed to be all about Forcewave. My own personal issue with Blitz-first builds is when they don’t have anything else to do once Blitz is on CD.

Anyways, I wouldn’t mind the damage of Blitz being reduced if the cooldown is reduced - I play a lot of Soldier and 99% of the time it’s a utility, not damage spell anyways - or if items that support Blitz also gained support for 1 other spell that could be used while Blitz is on cooldown, especially if we’re talking about converted Blitz. Fire Blitz - Justicar set - already buffs Forcewave, okay, but I would appreciate it if we didn’t have to use weaves of Forcewave on every Blitz build, especially if that is a converted Blitz build and Tremorwave.

I’m sure you will agree that Tremor Forcewave is just the most boring, underwhelming spell in the game. It is both un-fun in how it plays out and the DPS against enemies that matter the most in the long run - bosses. Finally, since I decided that my 1.1.9 Alkamos Scythe Cold Blademaster will not be going Cold Forcewave with the Conduit, I had nothing to do for DPS after both Blitz and ABB went on cooldown. Might as well cast Meme Barrier at that point.

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and i think that’s the point, or at least the point Baka arrived at in the other thread; they don’t intend it to be a direct SS/VM mobility spam
also if what you suggested happened, it would exactly make blitz blindside underwhelming in any build not fully dedicated too it, where as now it’s actually useful. “long” cd means it wont interrupt your main skills much, be it spam FW or whatever other thing that’s going on. And also mean it doesn’t get silly having a 4sec debuff on a suddenly spammable mobility

imo Blitz sits really well how it is. It can be built around if desired, but more so it has greater utility at minimum investment than ex SS 1p mobility. Which i think is good, and “desirable”.
1pt blitz 12pt blindside is amazing utility for fair investment, likewise if one wish to benefit a little more for blitz the dmg scaling of Blitz itself isn’t terrible-
So any “touching” it would just jeopardize the sweet deal we’ve currently got going - either because some people feel “all” skills should be VM/SS types/mains, or because their choice of skills/items/devos just doesn’t mix “perfectly” and don’t get decent/“enough” returns on their skill combinations with blitz-blindside investing.

without actually tooling it up/knowing/testing, a thought i had that ex could apply in your example, could be “same” build but as oathkeeper instead, cycling untransmuted FW with Blitz and VM, maybe judgment.
In my experience when you have “enough” skills on cooldown, pianoing through them means you suddenly don’t notice the CD on your “main”/favorite skill
^suppose the same could even be possible on Tactician with untransmuted FW and using Stormfire for filler in-between Blitz, Glyph, FW :thinking:

either way i don’t think “tweaks” to Blitz-Blindside is the answer, but a reevaluation of how people see the skill and their others in conjunction. :man_shrugging:
Just my take on it ofc, people are free to desire buffs/boosts/skill changes as they like :sweat_smile:

suppose i’m just one of the few weirdos that like Blitz how it is ?:face_with_raised_eyebrow::joy:

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Play some items skills:

  • Winter King’s Might

    • target farmable low level version of this in Ancient Grove
  • Voracious Reach

    • EoR-like ability from relic
  • Chillspikes

    • Icespike for low level

More here: Skills granted by items [video, GT links, damage types, source item types]
And here specifically the more powerful ones only: Acid Purge vs. Flames of Ignaffar, and can Seal be used offensively?


That is a welcome addition too!

Speaking of WKM, did the skill get changed so it follows the Z axis to go up stairs/hills/etc? How about Obsidian Tremor?

If not, can we get these skills to work properly in please?

I do agree with the general sentiment that we need to be careful about big takes on Blitz.

Ruining the Soldier builds that extract value out of Blitz for 1-13 points spent just to help a few builds that screw around trying to make it the central piece is not the way to go about it, especially when the class is as volatile as it already is, consistently occupying lower or mid-to-lowest positions on the tier list unless carried by retal builds.

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I think Biting Blades also disappear and don’t boomerang when hitting elevated terrain. Not sure about small stairs though.

Even with an offhand it can be problem. The maximum energy regen I was able to achieve with my Vitality DE Ritualist is ~230 and that’s already with the maximum possible %regen value on the offhand which dropped for me only recently. But it’s still not enough sometimes.
I just fought Korvaak in main campaign with this build and had to pop an e-pot after each phase. That doesn’t bother me that much, but in SR I sometimes have to run away from fights because I’m out of energy again while the pot is still on cooldown, it’s really annoying (and dangerous since I have to leech for survival). I tried squeezing in more energy regen and maybe I’m missing something but I couldn’t find a way without reducing other much needed stats.

So I suggest an energy cost reduction for DE in general. Hardcapping all DE nodes results in 650 energy cost, that’s pretty steep. Reducing the cost by 100 or even only 50 would make playing this build and probably a few other DE builds a bit smoother and more fun.


Drain Essence should have been called Drain Energy! :smile:

By the way, why are you using the DE transmuter? That makes your Aether Damage on DE into Cold. That’s going to half your damage output, right? I’d get rid of the transmuter and find some other weapon like the Chillwhisper dagger or the Clairvoyant wand since the Night Herald does Aether to Cold conversion as well…


Well, tbf you haven’t committed any components/augments to energy (not even an arcane spark) and have not gone out of your way in devotions to get any more than the easily-pathed lantern/Scholars and a couple of ~1 pointers :man_shrugging:

Even without the big energy devos, ectoplasm component, and arcanum dust augment can make a huge difference…Even a ring with Nature’s Bounty suffix (rare affix) can be a big boost or some other yellow affixes (of the sea)

No, if I remove the transmuter the Vitality damage is about the same and Vitality Decay is 25% less so the transmuter is better. My chest armor + offhand convert most of the aether damage to vitality.

Both weapons are a huge DPS loss, but Chillwhisper has -8% energy cost for DE so i might try that one and see how it goes :smile:

@hammyhamster1 I tried diffrent devo setups with better energy regen but nothing was satisfying damage wise and it’s already a pretty slow build. I might be able to use Arcane Spark on the medal but I’m not a fan of losing the aether resist (so Arcanum Dust is a no no as well), it’s hardly overcapped to begin with.

Do you have one for me (only legit trading pls)? I have only one ring of Nature’s Bounty and it’s much worse than the Gollus ring I’m already using, and I can’t afford to get rid of the resist reduction from the other ring.

“of the sea” magic affix drops very commonly on many rings so that’s pretty good. Vine rings or whatever see it a lot.

So here the build with revised components with only some component/augment juggling compromises. Regen is >50% higher, pool is 30% higher.

Just to show how some slight changes can have a huge impact on energy. (I didn’t change the boots, but I’d be tempted to use Final March unless you have more slow resist from somewhere else. Maybe just personal preference of slow>max stun and also not relevant to the energy discussion)

The transmuter comes first in the order of conversion so your Aether becomes Cold. Your equipment would not convert any Aether at that point. Removing the transmuter would mean you convert about 1/3 of Aether to Cold (from Night Herald) and 2/3 of Aether to Vitality from chest/off hand. Using the transmuter is a huge damage loss and using the weapon is one as well.

Don’t look at sheet DPS from the game with things like Vitality Decay as it overstates it and inflates the listed damage. Also the Decay only ticks once per second and doesn’t stack whereas the flat DE damage can happens every 0.15 seconds at 200% casting speed.


And although it is probably not a popular idea for most-- if energy is really an issue, an alternative is that you could drop some points off the first node of DE until it runs at an energy level that feels good. As mentioned, the first node has quite a bit of DoT, which doesn’t benefit from the 0.15 ticks (it sees per second damage). Especially if your gameplay needs DE to be up all the time.

It may be hard to stomach, but keeping the last 2 nodes maxed and slightly reducing the first may provide less potting and not that much less damage. Note that the 3rd node of DE maxed has basically the same damage as the first, for much less energy.

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I tried Chillwhisper Blade w/o transmuter and it’s better indeed, at least on the training dummy in Homestead. The reduced energy cost on the weapon might already be enough for continuous usage. Gonna try it in SR tomorrow and see how it goes.
Thanks for pointing out the flaws in my build. I already beat SR80 with it so I thought it’s fine except for the energy cost. It’s my first DE build and only my 2nd channeled skill build and i’m not very familiar with the mechanics behind these :innocent: And after all these years I still can’t seem to understand conversion order :sweat_smile:

@ moderators sorry for getting off-topic, please move my posts and the answers to its own thread.

I want to share my opinion of the game for lightning savagery vindicator https://www.grimtools.com/calc/JVljJ7lN. Build has good damage (5:30 crucible), but weak defense. I think there are 2 reasons for the survival problem: 1) low da (problem Ultos Tempest set) 2) low adcth. I suggest adding mod adcth to savagery to Ultos Gem.

I did not have any of those problems with my build [] Zavageryyy - Elgoloth Ranged Vindicator (SR80+) but rather it was good (AoE) damage that was problem :slight_smile:

Take Wendigo Totem and feral hunger.

But Dawnguard doesn’t.

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