V1.1.9.1 Discussion

“of the sea” magic affix drops very commonly on many rings so that’s pretty good. Vine rings or whatever see it a lot.

So here the build with revised components with only some component/augment juggling compromises. Regen is >50% higher, pool is 30% higher.

Just to show how some slight changes can have a huge impact on energy. (I didn’t change the boots, but I’d be tempted to use Final March unless you have more slow resist from somewhere else. Maybe just personal preference of slow>max stun and also not relevant to the energy discussion)

The transmuter comes first in the order of conversion so your Aether becomes Cold. Your equipment would not convert any Aether at that point. Removing the transmuter would mean you convert about 1/3 of Aether to Cold (from Night Herald) and 2/3 of Aether to Vitality from chest/off hand. Using the transmuter is a huge damage loss and using the weapon is one as well.

Don’t look at sheet DPS from the game with things like Vitality Decay as it overstates it and inflates the listed damage. Also the Decay only ticks once per second and doesn’t stack whereas the flat DE damage can happens every 0.15 seconds at 200% casting speed.


And although it is probably not a popular idea for most-- if energy is really an issue, an alternative is that you could drop some points off the first node of DE until it runs at an energy level that feels good. As mentioned, the first node has quite a bit of DoT, which doesn’t benefit from the 0.15 ticks (it sees per second damage). Especially if your gameplay needs DE to be up all the time.

It may be hard to stomach, but keeping the last 2 nodes maxed and slightly reducing the first may provide less potting and not that much less damage. Note that the 3rd node of DE maxed has basically the same damage as the first, for much less energy.

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I tried Chillwhisper Blade w/o transmuter and it’s better indeed, at least on the training dummy in Homestead. The reduced energy cost on the weapon might already be enough for continuous usage. Gonna try it in SR tomorrow and see how it goes.
Thanks for pointing out the flaws in my build. I already beat SR80 with it so I thought it’s fine except for the energy cost. It’s my first DE build and only my 2nd channeled skill build and i’m not very familiar with the mechanics behind these :innocent: And after all these years I still can’t seem to understand conversion order :sweat_smile:

@ moderators sorry for getting off-topic, please move my posts and the answers to its own thread.

I want to share my opinion of the game for lightning savagery vindicator https://www.grimtools.com/calc/JVljJ7lN. Build has good damage (5:30 crucible), but weak defense. I think there are 2 reasons for the survival problem: 1) low da (problem Ultos Tempest set) 2) low adcth. I suggest adding mod adcth to savagery to Ultos Gem.

I did not have any of those problems with my build [] Zavageryyy - Elgoloth Ranged Vindicator (SR80+) but rather it was good (AoE) damage that was problem :slight_smile:

Take Wendigo Totem and feral hunger.

But Dawnguard doesn’t.

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Agreed, this can work as well. Thanks for pointing it out! :smile:

I’d rather just take Energy regen devos if needed. Maybe you end up with better dps this way.
[I haven’t done the math, it’s a preference and it’s interesting that players come up with different solutions to Energy regen]

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Will be good to increase damage of Krieg’s Wrath from 70% of weapon damage to 100%. And decrease amount of spawned maggots from all sources - they don’t do nothing except burning CPU resources. Also check optimization of code - after implementation of 1.1.9 game became polluted by floating crushes without reasons and fps stuttering.




More Hellhounds please.

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I know it’s been mentioned in the past a few times; a lot of people are dissatisfied with the Devouring Swarm as RR applier.(don’t know who likes it or who uses it for another purposes in builds)

It’s Vitality RR is unusually high when you compare other sources and Bleeding RR is also a bit higher than Rend devotion skill. But it’s really hard to apply, the AoE is so narrow and it doesn’t spread, it’s not visible enough, doesn’t have an icon, no cooldown makes it useless as devotion proccer etc.

I don’t want a whole rework it to spread or something, we already late for that boat but I really like to have some QoL changes about it, in return diminishing RR ofc.

Reasonable suggestions : I definitely like it to have more visible effect(Maybe even a debuff icon on its own) + some extra radius like 4 meter or something.
It’s really hard to see if it’s applied or not. I’m sure people with Grim Internals has no issues likes this but there are a lot of player who doesn’t use those tools.
Thermite Mines have 2,4m radius and they stay on ground plus you can summon more than one, so it doesn’t require constant applying. It’s managable but DS is really hard to manage with a small radius and cast/gone concept.

More a wish than suggestion :

1)Make it like RE, with same CD etc, swarms come out from a whole(nest) on the ground and haunt the enemies within the radius, apply RR. Ofc such change probably means that it won’t have any adcth anymore aswell.

2)Make it spreadable with longer CD, like Omen but maybe 3 sec CD/3 sec duration so it can stay as PITA to cast :smiley: again remove the adcth ofc.

I’m sure a lot of people have different ideas about changing the DS but I’m also sure they will definitely need some change no matter the outcome. I’ll understand if it’s too much to change the whole skill concept but please atleast give some visibility to it with an icon or something and some more radius because it doesn’t stay on the ground like thermite mines. You cast it and it’s gone, same place new enemy, you cast it again, same enemy you cast it again…

Edit: Another idea; Maybe you can make it like mines? It can stay on that exact location for it’s duration when casted so even though the area is small, we can manage and can have some static combat without casting it in every 2 second. It doesn’t need to have 18 sec duration, even 5 is good enough.

Myth Pestilence of Dreeg

I’ve been close to slotting this necklace a few times until I remember it was base physical damage converted to acid. Is this getting used for acid? Can the base conversion be removed? Would love to slot the rust prefix (chaos -> phys) with gutsmasher on various dumb concepts but the phys->acid conversion is going to do more damage that the chaos I’d be gaining.


pretty sure the only acid build i use it on is an acid retal not using stoneguard :sweat_smile:

it’s part of the bunch of overall awesome necklace stuff/RR/Converson stuff that gets screwed over by conflicting conversions, 12% native on the amulet or as part of its affixes…
always bothered me - like conduit with double dmg type RR, but ex converting a desired dmg type into something undesired in order to get that RR…

Pestilence of Dreeg is probably the superb example of that

My chaos FoI Deceiver prior I change it to chaos AoM Sentinel.

My personal opinion FoI have it’s damage, but the problem is the application of the damage. I feel like the range of this skill is too short as the main problem that I face. So I think adding an extra 2 meter range at 12/12 and an extra 1 meter range at 17/12 Endless Flame can help with this problem. Adding 1 meter target area either to base skill or intensify should also help with the skill in melee range.

I also would like for a small buff for Hex Launcher to add an extra 1 point to Fabric of Reality (this one is more like an OCD problem actually). The build that I’ve been working on is this spellbinder https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNkGlobN

When that pistol combined with the Uro set, there is no way I think to reach 22/12 Fabric of Reality, and there is no other option despite using +1 arcanist belt and relic, unless using the Mark of the Dreadblade medal which mean sacrificing the more useful Ilgorr medal on this build.

If not adding it to Hex Launcher, can the bonus to Mirror on the Arcane Currents pants be swapped for it? Mirror most of the time only for 1 pointer skill or 6/12, even for a build that dedicated to using that skill rarely go for 22/12 as 12/12 is enough like in Krieg + Aetherscorched Cleaver build.

Can you take a look to both MI Obsidian shields?
I’ve never seen anyone uses them.
Obsidian Bulwark: the mod to RoK is quite nice, but that’s all. A caster rarely uses shield, as shields tend to have zero energy reg, and skill mods are quite mediocre compare to offhands.
My suggestion: add energy reg, and +2 projects or fragments to RoK. Increase skill bonus from +2 -> +3 to both, as rune builds thirst for skill points.
-2 cd to Blast shield (for more proc to keep gaining +20% crit dmg).
Obsidian Defender: designed for chaos S&B Sentinel. But the bonus stats is inferior.
My suggestion: add -RR chaos to Shattering Smash, and buff attack speed to 15%.
+8-10% physic res or 12% armor (its for melee facetank).


I’m currently making a Trickster build that uses DS for its RR. The skill is doing around 10k dps according to the game due to flat damage modifiers from equipment (Lagoth’Ak’s Bloodbinding, bonespike and Korvan Casque for more RR). I do agree that the radius of the swarm can be quite small but i think the skill is fine as something that needs to be aimed to be effective. It forces the player to consider their positioning to maximize its efficiency instead of just being a set and forget skill like mines and storm totems. A small increase in its radius and a more clear visual effect would be pretty helpful but i don’t think it needs any other adjustments.

Try the repositioning with melee/static AA builds please. I understand it has some good qualities for vitality casters or caster bleeding builds but I examined the skill as a RR applier more than a damage/lifesteal source.

The ideas about changing the whole skill was just an imagination. The real suggestion I’m purposing is increasing the radius and making it more vsible/maybe a debuff icon on enemy for QoL.

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