V1.1.9.X Discussion - March of the Memes

The cold grenado part on Demolitionist conduit almost have no part on any build because of conflicting slot with the Rimetongue set. Meanwhile cold grenado item that support rimetongue already got their fire damage converted to cold part covered like this:

perhaps change the grenado damage conduit to chaos and make it spam version with -40% total damage modifier?


Things I didn’t know I wanted


I enter this request knowing it can never be executed, but no less zealous about its hypothetical implementation so that my eternal desire of a true unarmed Monk style build UN-MODDED can be realized.

A Conduit that gives you like +5000% damage (Or a competitive amount of flat damage) if you have no weapon or off-hand equipped.

Weapon Dadamage modifier for RF, somewhere I don’t really know. Especially for 2H weapons.

Please, elemental resistance reduction in star pact (Arcanist)!

For the memes: Elemental Eye of Reckoning, purple spin-to-win!

+1 to Fire Storm Totem :heart_eyes:
Kind of digging that Acid Mortar Trap too.

Another meme concept; S&B Cold Bone Harvest Oppressor Oppressor, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

What’s the main problem? Chillblood’s Carcass proc is not really reliable as flat RR source. Increasing it’s proc chance to %50 in return increase the cooldown to 1,5 or 2 could work.

Second problem; Getting last RF points. Changing ‘‘Raging Tempest’’ points on shield to RF would be good. Making S&B Cold Ritualist is a bit hard anyway. Or, change ‘‘Retribution’’ points on Iceskorn gloves with RF points.


Psst. Anyone ever heard about Physical firestrike?

ye, it was a wonderful thing before Zantai decided to plop 50% phys-fire conversion on Desolator :unamused:

obviously you can still make it as elemental conversion is abundant, but the awesome thing about Fire Strike (for ranged) is the pass through effect you get with brimstone and wps where it explodes and murders the screen

Tried it on Shieldbreaker with Kilirian mace and M.Beronath sword. Quite strong, dps ~220k, however as physical conversion from other sources doesnt pierce through armor anymore, it drops its feet, only a pushover.
My friend made a Defiler version

Not sure about ranged, may be it doesnt exist.

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Higher performing meme but could actually be great with a little help

WoP + Corruption can handle smaller trash but are not enough to clear out large trash packs, so you’re hoping for smite to do it’s magic. Couple things potential I spose - physical to ele conversion on the gun would allow more flat with Rebuke. Passthrough to some/all inquisitor inquisitor WPS would work wonders. Flat on bonemonger but I think that ship has sailed now

I think I have an idea what can be done to Soullance to make it somewhat decent, while keeping it thematic and kinda meme-ish.

As of now this weapon lacks any identity. But it has some theme running about “souls”, right? So how about making it a weapon for… Reaper?

  1. Since it has +4 to Siphon Souls, extend this idea to something like +3 seconds duration to it, maybe add -10% vitality and aether resistance to it.

  2. Add modifier for ABB: 100% cold and acid → vitality, some flat/weapon damage/-0.3 sec recharge/1m radius - whichever works.

  3. Leave Bloody Pox part, remove +4 to SGoE. Add +4 to ABB or +2 to Nightblade.

This way you could utilize both CDR AND attack speed, AND keep it thematic. Please consider.


I like the idea for ABB. I would say a -cd mod, conversion, anddddd 100% pass through for ABB. Given the damage type will be a stretch to work with I don’t see it making anything broken. Also if I remember right when applied via passthrough there is a rate limiter for it. (Just to be 100% clear pass through on the ABB mod, not the gun)


Hm, yes, passthrough for ABB sounds pretty nice. Peeps were asking for something like that I believe, so this will kill two birds with one stone.

Not sure where to ask but anybody know when the new patch gonna be out? I thought that it will be together with Xbox release but as you can see I was wrong…

Between and there were 7 months.
It’s 1 month since so I’d say we need to wait at least half a year for this 1.1.9.X one.


One more idea, add a modifier that gives %chance of 100% CDR to ABB.

I know ABB has been described as a pseudo-AA but the cooldown kills that completely. But not if you add a chance to spam! Just don’t put this on weapons, Iceskorn Talons are a good place (similar to BH).

Quite fine with that lol. Still need to abuse Upheaval Ultos (actually really looking forward to that lol) and enjoy it for a while.

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More damage for aether conduits supported by arcanist/no rr! Move savagery/primal strike/cadence into the end game setup thread!

Another meme idea: further unlock weapon restrictions on some skills via conduits or something along those lines. Like allowing ranged on EoR, make inquistor wps work on melee, make dw work on/both weapons count for forcewave, etc. Will allow a lot more meme build diversity and stuff.