[Video Guide] Making a Mastery

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DklUbH6tQo <-- The link you want if you don’t care to read all this crap


The video linked above covers the basics of mastery creation, including setting up skill files, ui files, linking the mastery to a player character, and creating mastery-related asset files.

If you have any questions, just let me know!

In making my first mod, I only used the Asset Manager to create assets and to build the mod. Pretty much everything was done using Notepad++ to edit copied GD files and paint.net to modify downloaded images. Now I’m watching Ceno’s tutorial video…
All the skill files in the GD masteries (and the mastery tutorial) have many many lines that would let you do many many things …if they worked. Ceno does everything from the top instead of the bottom, and it turns out the Asset Manager -> DBR Editor specifies what a skill can do. So you don’t try to add resistances or attributes to Fire Strike, for example, because you got it in your head that those lines wouldn’t be there if they weren’t meant to be useful.

I hate watching tutorials, but this one was/ will be worth it. Thanks, Ceno.

Glad I could help! :slight_smile:

Very nice! Thanks for sharing.

Question. I’m wanting to make/ modify an existing skill. I want to make my callidors tempest proc off of weapon attacks. I checked the skill templates, but none do this. Ulzuins wrath is close, but procs on hit. Upheaval (skill_WPAttack_RadialCrit) is close, but procs on attack crit. Skil_WPAttack_BasicAttack won’t work since it modifies the existing weapon attack. I’m want to be able to bash with my 2h, and proc the tempest (similar to an item or devotion proc).

Is it possible to create a new skill template? If so, could you point me in the right direction to get that done? If I could modify skill_OnHitAttackRadius to be skll_onAttackRadius by making the appropriate substitution of skillChanceWeight I think I would be close. I watched the first part of your video pretty closely, but didn’t see any custom skill creation such as stated above.

many thanks!

So I followed all the instructions in the video and I can’t get any masteries including the vanilla ones to show up on the mastery selection menu. It’s just a blank screen. Has anyone fixed this, I’d greatly appreciate any help on this issue.