Villager limit - optional slider?

I understand that this is pre-release, AND that the villager limit is set at 1000 for performance reasons… but maybe we can get a slider in General Settings, maybe temporarily until release (or keep it with even higher settings, your choice), to allow a higher limit? Especially since the recent performance update. Default it at 1000, but allow a minimum of 500 (maybe someone wants it lower for some reason) and maximum of 1500 or 2000? Have it increase/decrease in intervals of 100. You would also get performance feedback from people using higher limits! :wink:

This could be a quick patch. Just add it and push a release. :smiley:

I 2nd this. I run a 10600k tuned with a 3080 and I feel I can definitely push the pop up to 1500. I am quiet pleased with the performance on a 1000 pop town. Some stutters here and there but it’s a town builders not rts or fps so. I seem to avg 30 to 45 fps on 2 x speed which for me is fine.