Vire's Might w/ controller doesn't feel as good as w/ mouse+keyboard

EDIT: not a real issue. Thanks @eisprinzessin! My comment about dropping targeting on controller still stands, but as I mention below, it’s redundant with older feedback thread.


Please correct me if I’ve missed some obvious remedy to this, but in general, when using Vire’s Might-like movement skill attacks on controller, your character will always try to snap to target-highlighted enemies rather than continue on the straight line path that you would have had without a target. This is fine in a lot of normal gameplay engage/disengage situations. (You basically want this behavior on engage, and your character is trying to face away from enemies on disengage anyway, though the behavior can produce undesirable results in crowds.)

For builds like this (I suppose Vanquisher low-cooldown Vire’s Might is probably the most extreme example)

though, where Vire’s Might is the showcase skill, not being able to easily lay fire trails back and forth like you can by using force move with keyboard and mouse just feels bad, at times like it undermines the whole premise of the build.


I don’t really know about the technical feasibility here, but I’d really like for force move to drop targeting on movement skills for controller like it does on keyboard. More broadly, I’d like the ability to drop targeting entirely on controller via a held button (e.g. via force move) for true aiming of skills like forcewave, though we’ve been over something like that before

and nothing came of it, so I’d be unsurprised if devs already had an opinion on this. I think, though, that while a number of other skills could stand to benefit from the ability to drop targeting on controller, it’s mostly really just Vire’s Might (and, to an extent, Vire’s Might-like movement rune abilities) that are actually suffering here.

Gamepad Target Lock is what you are looking for:

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This is a toggle in options I think

That would be helpful. I thought about this again but haven’t figured it out. If we had this I think I could manage to add Force Move activator in Big Picture to every skill so that you wouldn’t have to actually hold the Force Move button - it would be done automatically. For example you start Forcewaving with X and Force Move activates automatically in the back ground.

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Thanks! Don’t know how I missed that :sweat_smile:. I guess(?) because it’s only relatively recently that I got around to taking a skater build out for a spin.

The issue I was running into with Vire’s Might is force move on controller not working as expected (i.e. as with mouse+keyboard). Are you essentially talking about controller emulating mouse+keyboard w/ macros here?

I don’t understand. There’s for Force Move for controllers, right? No I’m talking about stuff like that
You can bind multiple actions in Big Picture using Activators which is almost as powerful as AutoHotkey (which I haven’t figured out how to use with controllers)

Last trick I remember was transforming Toggle Hotbar to Hold to show 2nd Hotbar for someone. Using activators. You can also do autocasting multiple skills / cast multiple buffs with one button etc.

I’m just saying if I had Force Move Action for Controllers in Big Picture I could most probably automate it for specific skills.

Ah. I think I misread your initial comment. Makes sense now.

Btw how much do you know about these profiles for Controllers in Big Picture? Can they be modified or can only devs do that? I really have no clue how it all works. Like adding more actions. There are various profile around if I remember correctly some probably user defined with different actions…

Basically nothing :frowning_face:. I glanced at some stuff a while back, but it’s a Steam product, and I have a GoG copy of the game (and little desire to entangle myself more deeply with Steam), and lately I’ve sort of settled into running my controller through DS4windows without much extra tweaking.