Visual settings, preferences and qol changes

Hi! these have probably been requested before but I’d really like the following.

Specifically I’d like these graphics settings;

  • the option to turn down/off particle effects on the screen (the blizzard really hurts my eyes and i can barely see anything while i’m trying to play)
  • be able to hide foliage when building (trying to get everything in straight rows without spinning the camera a million times to get around the trees can be a little frustrating)
  • more lower graphics settings in general! I got to late game and my PC is pretty ok, but i couldnt get above 10fps when unpaused, 20fps when paused. I had the settings turned as low as i could but it didnt help at all.

and these gameplay features;

  • better visuals of where things are in storage without clicking on each building
  • a better visual explaination of where the wagons will go and to be able to control what they focus on
  • to be able to copy paste settings for storage facilities (for instance i want all my grain silos in the city to hold flour, but the ones next to the fields to just hold grain, i copy + paste the settings to multiple silos)
  • along this line, to be able to have a couple presets for storage settings would be really handy.
  • more options for getting villagers, I feel like its very slow and I always struggle with man power.
  • to be able to have it so that once the need is met for a certain resource, the excess is sent automatically to my trade centre & vis versa. Maybe a toggle option for those who want to manually do it still?
  • upgrades to fishing! it feels kind of mid right now unless I’m missing something.
  • a setting to automatically pause the game right before a traveling merchant leaves for last minute sales
  • an ability that shows me nodes i want to search for if i’ve uncovered them in the fog of war (for instance i need a deep clay node, it will show me how many there are i have discovered and drag the camera to them)
  • a dedicated exploratory option! maybe a building that lets you assign people to automatically explore the map as you go, they have a higher chance of finding relics etc as it gets upgraded or something?
  • to be able to sell relics i don’t need

lots of little qol things I can’t remember right now but these are the main ones i can think of. I think the logistics AI needs a little tweaking (as I’ve seen others pointing out) but its really fun still, I just sank about 14 hours straight in accidentally and it was a good time. (: I had to stop because my PC couldnt get above 10 frames and I hit a point where I had nothing left to do lol. probably for the best!

i forgot this but work areas need looking at, especially with foresters

  • if a forester work camp is set to collect only mature trees &/or stone & plant trees, but theres no mature trees/stone for them to collect at the time, it will constantly pop up saying to move the work area when theyre still actively planting in the area. while i like having the pop up to remind me to move them, i dont like it when theyre actively planting but theres nothing specifically to collect right at that moment.

  • I would like a similar pop up for hunters/gatherers, as i find it difficult to remember them a lot of the time. Maybe an upgrade for them that allows you to set multiple work areas that they move between? Or seasonal gathering/planting!

  • an idea for fisher would be to upgrade so it automatically heads towards shoals of fish within a certain radius, or allows you to have boats to fish on the water rather than some guy with a rod catching fish for 1000 villagers lol


Hi! First of all, I like your propositions for improvements. They’re awesome! :grinning: I was thinking about some of them independently of you and wanted to present them. Good I checked if someone else has proposed them earlier. :smile: I hope you don’t mind if I bump the thread and add some more ideas for QoL improvements, which are similar to yours, and some are maybe more specific. :wink:

I think a great solution would be to be able to filter the nodes, so would be shown the ones you want or even none if you wish. Like categorize them into types (resources, game, harvestable etc.) and then by a single node (iron, deers, healing herbs and so on).

Connected to the above is my next idea of custom PoI pins. I know one can save the camera view and get back to it later using the key bound to it, but the feature is kinda hidden and one must remember what’s saved in the specific camera view. With custom PoI pins, players could pin a certain location on the map, name it, and then click the pin on the screen to quickly move to it.

My next ideas cover building or rather decorating. I love the variety of decorations available in the game. I’d love it more if they weren’t so random. I’d love to be able to cycle through them and pick the one I like (e.g. I’d like to build an alley of decorative trees looking the same so the alley would feel consistent). Oh, and I’d love to see more variants of statues and maybe some fountains in the future. :smile:

The next idea connected to building is tier 2 road placement. It would be nice to be able to place it with a key rather than having to pick the right road from building menu or placing tier 1 road and upgrading it when it’s built.

Also, it would be nice to build already upgraded decorations instead of building the base version and then upgrading it. EDIT: Actually, it’d be good to apply this improvement to all upgradable buildings (except ofc of households 'cos they upgrade by themself). It could be done by some kind of cascading list which would open when clicking building icon in menu.

Well, I think that’s it for now. :smile: I hope it’s not too much to ask and the dev team will like the ideas I presented. :smile:

EDIT: Oh, and a compass would be nice. :smile:


compass would be goated for sure

I second this, very frustrating.

I bump the thread since I’m active in it and it seems I’ve got another QoL improvement idea. :smile:

I noticed that in early to mid game I’ve got to remember to check if the foragers’ working areas aren’t depleted or my town will starve to death otherwise. :laughing: So, it would be nice to have some reminder that the area is depleted (same as work camp). I hope it can be done easily, I’m not a dev myself tho. :smile: