[Vitality Melee] Azragorian Tactics - Vitality based DW Fleshwarped Strikes Cabalist

This is a conversion based build making use of the brand new Auto-Attacker Fleshwarped Strikes for Vitality Melee.
I was kinda undecided on whether to post a Fire Strike Vitality build or this one but this one appealed to me more so I went with this one


My Setup - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZydnrnV

*Screenshot with Hungering Void, Blood of Dreeg and Soul Harvest


Do we need specific rolls on the Scepter?

One affix needs to roll with % Vitality Damage or better yet flat Vitality Damage

Have you tried Dark One Pieces?

Dark One is a DPS loss, the same goes for Riftwarped Grasp

Do we need max rolls on conversion?

Preferably yes, the rolls shouldn’t be too low. It should be above 28%.

Will this work with any other class combination?

I have my doubts regarding how good Conjurer and Ritualist will be when compared to Cabalist. But I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t work. For Conjurer and Ritualist I’d saythis setupwould be better.

In Closing-

Credits to korsar for providing some raw data saving me a great amount of time.
And to Koravel for some valuable tips

The Aether variant of this build can be found here

This build was fun to play with, hope you guys like it as well.



+100 for that demonic look! :rolleyes:

wonder which version you prefer more. Aether or Vitality? I guess there is no need to ask! :stuck_out_tongue:

This is not solely directed at this build I am just curious overall. Taking Necro to 50 but not taking a skill there, gives this build 40 phys and spirit, 20 cunning, and 190 flat hp and energy.

Is is not better to leave it at 40 and use the 10 points somewhere else?

If they answer is “Vitality” then you hit jackpot :smiley:

Hey thanks mate
I completely overlooked Blood Boil was an OA debuff. I invested extra points into Necro for the DA but the OA debuff is much more valuable
Sheet DPS increased by 2k :smiley:

Glad finally to see this cool concept :cool:
Btw, why nobody takes Decay, I’ve missed something with that skill??

Cool thanks! Was even going to mention Blood Boil, I had seen it in a different build and didn’t understand why they took it till I read the whole thing. The -OA is a really nice help.

Not sure about other people but I personally am not a big fan of RE. As a damage reduction debuff I have a higher chance of taking Ill Omen over Decay
It’s a matter of playstyle to me and that’s why I went with Oleron on this build

Indeed it is

Made some changes in grim tools and hopefully I can test this out in the future. I’ve been wanting to do a dual wield vitality build for awhile. Although I figured it would be a Death Knight/Reaper, but this looks more promising.
Require’s another green, changes some pre/suffixes on current items, changes augments, went with riftstone for a shadowstrike mobility skill, changed devotions to pick up fiend and typhos. Net from all changes is a ~800 weapon damage boost, small da boost, very large armor boost, fixed pierce resist, and more life leech.
Had to give up Ghoul, but the Leech from constant Fiend procs should make up for it.
Lost some OA/crit damage/hp as well.

But overall should be performance/dps increase.

Edit: Devotions with ghoul https://www.grimtools.com/calc/62aOkjEZ and using scourge relic

This is a really interesting out of the box build. So much leeching, damn. I wish you would record videos for each of those builds you make, because they all look fun and efficient at the same time :slight_smile:

How is this build performing in terms of killing times? Against Nemesis?

Right, so I just can’t help myself.

But I believe this is a better Devotion setup.

You lose ~60 DA, which is whatever for Main Campaign and Ghoul Devotion (which is kinda whatever given that you already leech a tonn). But you gain ~100 more OA/5% more crit damage/more flat Vitality and Vitality Decay and most importantly you get to use Affliction proc. Which is gonna proc a lot given that your char is based on getting hit but leeching everything back.

I went ahead and threw it together on my cab using scourge instead. Link was in the edits. on the dummy scourge strike crits for near 160k, chaos strike like 120-130. Fleshwarped hitting like a truck too… thats without the -44 vit resist from spectral.

It was decent, I don’t engage Grava nowadays on any build (including DoT builds) so besides him I’d say this guy was good for everything. I didn’t log in to this profile since posting this here, so no idea about Gargabol

Videos is a recent habit, I only do it for something I really love playing with and will not abandon after I post it here

I am a very defensive player (unless I am toying with pierce builds), dropping Ghoul isn’t something I’d like

It sounds like the build was buffed in some way or maybe I didn’t pay attention to this stuff

So, I am playing with a similar (but not the same) build, and I noticed, there does not seem to be many items and especially very few sets offering Chaos+Vitality damage. There is the Black Flame set, but it is more caster geared.
My build is similar to this, but I am less focused on Blood of Dreeg (it is a nice healing buff but with the amount of life steal I get I only use it scarcely) but on Sigil of Consumption - I usually drop one and fight in it. I also use a shield. Only around level 35 yet.
My other problem is, what to use for left click attacks? I used Chaos Strike (from Riftstone) for a while but of course that’s a recharging power. Using regular melee is kinda boring. I see you added Theodin’s scepter but I focus on Vitality and Chaos, not Aether. I remember the Mistborn relic gives you a left-click attack skill similar to Cadence, but is there anything else like that maybe?

Wait if you don’t use Theodin’s scepter then how are the builds similar? :eek:

I use Aether>Vitality conversion from shoulders, dagger and helm to make use of Theodin’s Scetper’s granted skill - Fleshwarped Strikes. This is not an aether build at all

Well this was the closest build I could find in the compendium that at least used similar skills and vitality damage. Not sure how/where else to ask for advice. I saw your Build Compendium threads but they are not comprehensive. (Also why is only VII and V stickied, where are the rest?)
Yes I saw there is conversion from Aether to Vitality, but it’s not 100%, or is it?

I have 90% conversion :smiley:

Well post a GT of your build and I can help you out.

How can you measure conversion, apart from adding it together? Sadly the character screen does not show it, and since it comes from so many sources I find it hard to calculate it.
Here, I quickly put together something fast. I’d likely alter it here and there but I can only do it once I reach enough levels to experiment in-game with the skills. I had points in Ill Omen but I found it mostly useless, and I am uncertain whether Spectral Binding is worth skill points for the on-getting-hit scaring skill plus OA only. I’d maybe put points in Doom Bolt too to use as a crowd control stun skill.

I simply added them up. It was 90% due to better rolls

As to your build

I am not sure Shield brings much to the table


Since you don’y like conventional melee builds this what I offer

>Dark One Set farmable at Edge of Reality
>Decree of Malmouth obtained from Dreven Cole

Scourge Strike, Bone Harvest, Chaos Strike and Oleron’s Might are you damage source