[Vitality Melee] Vigar's Disciple - Vitality based DW Savagery Conjurer

Since Dreven finally dropped his scepter after literally months of farming I decided to make this one. This is yet another straightforward build using conversion.
Be sure to check out Ptirodaktill’s Ritualist as well - http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=72088

Screenshot (with Savagery, Blood of Dreeg, Hungering Void and Wendigo Totem)-


Conjurer -


How does Ritualist compare with Conjurer?

Ritualist should be better imo

Why has Ultos been picked over Manticore?

OA, Crit bonus, Flat damage for conversion and decent proc. Manticore is also an option, go with whatever you prefer

Is Oleron’s Might being used for debuffing the enemy’s damage?

Yes, if you prefer you can use Chaos Strike from Riftstone.

Is Riftwarped Grasp better than Voidsteel Gauntlets?

Despite giving us higher sheet DPS Voidsteel Gauntlets loose to Riftwarped Grasp because they lack conversion.

Further explanation can be found here - http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=68438
Voidsteel gauntlets increase sheet DPS but aren’t BiS

Have you tried Non-Mythical Riftwarped Grasp?

I don’t have it but that proc looks too sweet to pass up. So if anyone has it then I recommend try it.

In Closing-

Vitality has has nice support added through Fleshwarped Strikes and Decree of Malmouth

I enjoyed this build and hope you guys enjoy it as well.



Just upload it as an attachment to your post and use the link with the image posting tool like such

Nice OA. Liking all these dual scepters memes.

Nice build, have not played my conjurer for a while since all the builds out there are mainly pet builds. Luckily I had the Dark ones set from a cabalist build i made. Don’t have the right boots or legs, but the build kills pretty fast. Can i ask why olerons blood in the off hand? I put a riftstone in my off hand (till i can grind enough seals for olerons blood)

Will keep this in mind next time image sharing services fail me

Oleron’s Might debuffs enemy damage. If you want Riftstone is a solid option