Wade’s 10 Points

  1. I would like a worker to be allocated to storage buildings. Think Caesar III.

  2. Farm Workers. Instead of being Idle all Winter, have them become Labourers during winter. I feel you’re taken a bit of inspiration from Banished and that exactly what happens during winter in that game.

  3. Make Cobbled Roads be available to be upgraded to Plaza. It is so damned labour intensive to lay long stretches of plaza under roads and even worse to upgryto brick plaza.

  4. Barracks, I’m always being attack of two fronts. Allocating “teams” of some sort and each team has their own flag. Would make soldiers easier to manage.

  5. Warehouse. Please please please have a button so I can uncheck whole categories of items, such as unchecking all food from a warehouse.

  6. Sandpit and Claypit. Please allow greater flexibility when placing the worksites down. I love how you did it for the col, gold and iron.

  7. Hunter’s Lodge. Please add a toggle for trapping vs hunting.

  8. Terraforming/Water Edges/Bridges. I feel that the Change Terrain is absolutely amazing, I’d just like to be able to build closer to water and build roads and bridges.

  9. Trade. Absolutely in love with this. For those of us that play a map until it’s basically Coruscant, the ability to request resources would be amazing.

  10. Trade. Please allow Bows to be sold.

I’ve already clocked over 100 hours and I’ve owned the game for a week.


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