Wagon can delivery resources to market and balance amount of food in food storages by wagon

In v091, you can set minimum number of resources in market, but it’s seem like disable in v093.
Make it’s enable again and make wagon can delivery food and other something to market. It will make big city with 3000-4000 population have more efficiency.
When you have about 1000-2000 population, logistic of your city will make you crazy. You must build food production building near location you build a “small village” (around your market).
But unfortunately, some places produce so much food and pull overload your storages, some places are almost empty even though the number of food production buildings the same.
And I tried set min and max amount in food storages to balance food in food storages, but it’s very micro control and sometime a lot of worker just continuously deliver food back and forth between 2 storage.

Makret limits were disabled because they were causing problems with workers running back and forth from markets to storage to markets to storage.