Wall improvements (battlements)

I have seen some posts on improved defensive battlements - especially to relinquish the 3 to 5 wall depth which is unrealistic and takes up a lot of space.

Scalable improved walls.
In lieu of building walls x deep, have a continual upgrade path such as:

  1. Simple stone wall
  2. Large stone wall
  3. Reinforced stone wall (braced with timber)
  4. Reinforced stone wall (braced with stone)
  5. Batters/talluses (deeper base)
  6. Toppers: Hourdes (assign like a tower), etc

The idea is a single deep stone wall can progressively upgrade its strength

This has also been mentioned and ‘water’ has proven problematic. So why not have a flatten and deepen/raise tool to create mounds/moats (just no water) which prove difficult for raiders - especially ramming stuff. A ‘castle’ with completely surrounding moat must use path/road. This also introduces bottlenecks which would be fun

Cheers (enjoying the game)