Walls, Theater, School and others things

Hi everyone,

First, I have to say that I really enjoy Farthest Frontier, the game is beautiful, the mechanics are engaging, the soudtrack is great too.

There are still things that can be improved, like the wall system, I don’t know anything about coding, but wouldn’t it be too diffcult to be able to have “diagonal” walls? It’s really more about how the city look that a gameplay issue, but strictly vertical and horizontal walls are a bit limitating for having a realistic feeling to your town, I think.

Obviously, I would love to see rivers and bridges added to the game, not gonna expand on it, as it is an already pretty beaten horse.

I think that schools and theaters are underused. Schools provide a bit of worker efficiency and that’s all, I think it could be intresting to have education being necessary to work some more advanced jobs, having tiers for education building (School, Library, University?) Same for theater, it’s a build and forget (I don’t even use any worker!) it could be nice if we could organize some festivals, costing resources and giving some bonuses ( à la Caesar III )

The tavern really need some rework, I think. Right now, it’s pretty useless and even a detriment more than a benefit. Having people (and even worse armed soliders) going on rampage on your population can be very nasty, and the slight happiness bonus isn’t worth the risk to have drunked soliders murdering people on the street. Beer sell at the same price as honey, so why bother producing it anyway?

I wonder if higher tier of houses and town are planned for the future? It feel like there is still room for upgrade and use of the endgame luxury products like books and spices. Maybe having a mechanic like in the Caesar series (yeah I love those game) when your high tier houses are populated with non working, high taxes peoples (could be nobles for FF I guess)

And to finish, maybe it’s more of a skill issue on my part, but I think that some maps seeds are nearly impossible to play, like if you don’t get a significant clay deposit accessible, you can only rely on the traders to provide, and they definitly are unreliable for basic resources. Lacking sand is kindof ok, as you don’t need it for basic construction and improvements, but clay is too much of a core resource to not have a steady supply of it. Maybe having some sort of a world map where you can establish regular trade routes with neighboring cities can make resource poor map less of a pain to play? I mean, last time on alpine, I had only a very poor clay deposit, and once emptied, I had to wait sometimes like 2 years before having a trader with clay or bricks to sell. Meanwhile, i couldn’t upgrade my houses or build more advanced buildings. This can create very boring moments, when you just run the game at full speed and just clic on traders when they come because there is nothing else you can do.

Anyway, that was my feedback for the game!


At trading outpost you can request any resource at premium price and next trader will bring it.

Soundtracks are as annoying AF. I always turn them off.

I know, it’s ok when you are in endgame because you swim in glod, but it’s a pain in the ass when your’e transitioning from T2 to T3, as you dont have that much gold and need to use it for defense and utility buildings.

It’s just my opinion, but the game should guarantee you at least some medium clay deposit, as it is a core resource like wood or stone. having to play it with a balance between a mediocre production and some trade is ok, having a barren map and completly overpriced and unreliable trade is just not fun at all.

This is when you should be swimming in gold in your Trading Post because you’re selling a lot of Clothes, Leather, Shoes, Leather Coats, Honey, Soap, and Candles. Maybe selling excess Herbs and Baskets if the RNG gods gave you good forage spots.

willow is so unreliable unless u pick the water maps specifically

Yup, it’s a bonus really.

The lack of clay does not seem to be a problem to me. The current game I’m playing is on arid highlands on vanquisher mode. However, I don’t experience any difficulties. I play differently, lots of hunters, few fishermen, no gatherers, small plots of cultivation, livestock breeding. Finally and above all miners, more miners and always more miners. the extracted ore allows me at all stages of the game to pay for resources when they are available cheaply at the trading post.

game mechanics compensate for resource shortages (a little too much for my taste) (yes I’m a masochist: I played Surviving Mars in very difficult mode ^^)