Walls-to-Towers don't stop bandits

Walls don’t connect to towers (stone, stone)
Bandits simply walk into town, ignoring that “line of defense”.

I consider this a crucial feature for town defense.
Please add a proper connector tileset piece for towers-to-walls.

As an aside, it would truly help, to have a sub-forum on Steam for

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  • Technical Issues

Towers and buildings cannot connect. This is not a bug.

I understand the aesthetic you were going for, but it is not possible in the current building system.


That would not be a good defense, as the raiders would have immediate direct access to beat on your towers and destroy them. The general design seems to be, make the raiders pound on the walls while being shot from towers inside, then of those that live and make it through, only a few will focus the towers while most go for loot, and they are all easily dealt with.

if it is just the look you are shooting for, maybe build the wall/gate and place 2 towers outside, and 2 inside for a somewhat similar gatehouse look?

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I put my towers inside their own wall with a gate to access the tower.

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Not so much about the aesthetics, but going by what we see as the concept art for this game.
And how (medieval) city walls or castles in general do work.

What are the chances to have that working in a mod?
Trying to understand the exact nature of the (technical) limitations for this.

It’s also a matter of space.
In a game, where we fight for using every square grid on the map, having straight roads, crop fields or buildings that hug the walls,
there’s simply no room to double up for extruded walls around a tower.

Yeah, it looks terrible.
Not only does it need valuable space behind a city wall that should integrate towers into the wall pieces,
but it’s simply not looking good.
Stronghold (Crusader) did a better job at a simple town/city wall, castle builder 20 years ago.

Can’t we just have solid walls with the tower(s) being “plugged on top of it” ?
Sorry to be such a pain, but this isn’t the way how I imagine this to work (aesthetic, authentic castle walls & grid setup design-wise)

Hope there will be a DLC with a focus on castle building :slight_smile:


I got you, but that way of construction isnt working at the moment. But yeah, its very much possible that this feature come in future updates even before the final release.

tower walls
The start screen does imply it’s something you can do. Disappointing that you can’t. Hopefully they add it later so they join or as a wall upgrade.


I was disapointed as well… it look so cool.


It wouldn’t help me anyway. Raiders have long ago learned they can’t get to my town centre and store houses so now they just slaughter the villagers and destroy their homes presumably taking anything they had stored there.


This game doesn’t put than much stress on fighting for every square.
You can easily make a tier 4 city with a sub-optimal layout.
Now if you want every shelter in your town to become a mansion, that’s an other thing.
For me, I find that I can build enough towers for my defense without cramping everything up like crazy.

I found that this kind of defense does very well. Either the bandits attack your gates (under the fire of 2 towers) and then still have to go through a gate to hit your tower (under the fire of 3 towers) … or they attack the wall in front of your tower (under the fire of 3 towers - and much sturdier) and then still need to destroy my tower and go through a gate (under the fire of 2 towers). I repelled such an assault with a ram yesterday.

And then there is a citadel like this (still 2 towers need to be built - the red hands):

All my industry (that generally raiders want access to) is protected by a swarm of bolts (each gate protected by 5 towers) … yes this is cramped :grin:


And just as I said that …


Just upgraded to tier 4, second raid got 2 rams and some guys in plated armor. One of them was standing still with 4 towers shooting at him and it took a very long time to kill him.
30 buildings destroyed … 1 tower and 29 walls/fences/gates.

Is this transforming into a tower defense game ? They will keep cramping up number until my city is rubble ? Next year will be 120 with 4 rams and full plated armor ?


You have some awesome design with the wall-coated towers forming a “stronghold” keep there.
Kudos for adding that reply to your impenetrable stronghold, with the report.
Looks like there is always a surprise, even when feeling safe =)

Wouldn’t mind escalating raids as is, I love tower defense (mostly in RTS or Zombie Survival though).

And thanks to whoever moved this thread to the proper subforum :heart:

Honestly i would love the following:

A> Towers be part of the wall as described. Not only aesthetically pleasing but historically accurate.

B> The ability to move archers along the walls of your city. Still keep the 2x archers per tower but allow you to move them freely around the stone walls so you can move them were they are needed. You can only move tower archers around. Not ground based archers from the barracks. While on the wall you lose the damage bonus of the tower and it shrinks the range as well. Your archers are also exposed to the enemy allowing them to get hit and take damage from enemy archers.

C> Allow stone walls to be upgraded (Tier 4) to add Machicolations! You can then use rocks that you mined as boulders to throw to the enemy! Maybe even add hot boiling oil that needs to be manufactured!

I’ve been thinking about this and going by the short time I did spend with the game editors for Titan Quest (and Grim Dawn),
it seems to be that all pathing was calculated based on the terrain height-mesh (and the floor pieces for the grid based dungeon system).
Which is great for fast calculations.
And that is very much needed in FF as well, when we’re looking at 100’s of villagers in real time.

Assuming we have the height-mesh system for pathing:
That’s like a grid similar to what we see when placing buildings.
Which also acts as a logic mesh to tell the villagers, animals and raiders where to go, where roads can act as special connectors that add some priority for speed when traversed by a villager etc.
And then we have mesh tiles or parts that are blocked (non-pathable) such as buildings or tiles near the water, the water and steep slopes/mountains.
And also walls
Still only assuming here, but that’s what might be the tricky part when you add walkable ramparts/battlements.
Those would be placeables, not part of the walkmesh / height-mesh, perse.

Another piece of info on pathing:
In Titan Quest editor, they had bridges that did split the terrain-mesh where the bridge arches move up,
leaving a gap in between with the arch connecting the 2 elevation ramps and a “tunnel” section of terrain-mesh to walk under the bridge.
TQ wasn’t made with Unity, so again just speculating, but I guess trying to do something like this in Unity cold mess with the simplicity and high performance of the pathing logic that we experience now.

Voting for performance first, fancy build options later =)

One thing I need to try though is to flatten the terrain on each side of the walls to try to have some impassable level. This way I could really funnel them to where I want them.

Hmm, if you don’t mind some jaggy terrain.
Let me know how that goes.

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