Walls & Towers

Why don’t walls join up with Guard Towers??? They designed the main-screen to show this all along the wall in the picture, yet when you do it in game, invaders just waltz right past the towers between the tower & the wall!

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Someone else had the same problem, the best thing is to have a continuous wall and one gate & at least a one square gap between tower and wall. A second wall with another one square gap around that. If you can have two towers in a double walled area, the towers can “cover” each other.

With your towers are they wooden towers or stone? Does the same problem exist for both?

It’s not so much aesthetic, rather than they are all part of the same system and tend to be how they were used in real life.

Hopefully this will be looked at for future versions.


Definitely would prefer the ability to have guard towers mesh with the wall system.

Did it finally mesh or did it just bug into the tower really well :joy: