Warder, Primal Strike vs Forcewave Pve leveling

Hello, im new here, and I have a question, what skill is best for level up?

I’m thinking about this build with primal strike [] Beginner's Lightning Warder

but later I saw about this other one Grim Dawn Guide - How to lvl a Soldier (2h Forcewave) - YouTube

Is about leveling using only Forcewave

Can you give me advice to decide which build to use? What skill is more useful?

thank you

They’re both good to level with, I personally find Primal Strike far more engaging and exciting to level with. If your end game build is going to be physical I would use FW if lightning I would go PS. That way devotions are levelled as well, plus not so much respeccing.

Edit: Welcome to the forum and the game!

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