Warehouse management


would be cool if there would be better warehouse management, what do i mean:

  • Define where should be stored what
  • Connect warehouses together, an emloyee would deliver the items to the other warehouse, example: building a warehouse far outside of the town to collect wood & stone, this warehouse would be conected to a warehouse inside the walls.
    Setting to set a maximum producement number, e.g produce max 10 candles, when this is reached, the workers would stop and do other tasks until there is a need to produce more

this are just ideas

Thanks for the excelent game!

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I do like the idea of defining stock levels to be kept and shared between warehouse. Watching the streamers on YouTube a second small expansion settlement makes sense if there are an abundance of different resources in an area far from your main city. Makes sense to make a small town with a few house, warehouse, and resource gathering structures. One would not want to store everything gathered at that settlement. In a perfect world, would be nice to store what the settlement needs and send the rest to the main city.


You can already decide what is stored in warehouses/stockyards. Just untick the items you don’t want in them.

The game is real time so connecting warehouses the way you suggest - I think you mean putting items in one warehouse far out of town only for them to immediately appear in another inside the town - isn’t how the game’s designed to be. Villagers/wagons manually move everything no matter how far away things may be.

No I do not mean to appear everywhere, like Cross mentioned, if I build a warehouse far outside of my main city, I want the citizens to collect items and put it in this warehouse. But one employee inside this warehouse will transport it to the main city in an defined warehouse if a max value is reached (as an example) or similar mechanic.

Hm, doesn’t work like that atm. Workers will take items to the nearest warehouse that will accept them. If it’s full then they’ll go to the next one that accepts them. They don’t transfer the same items from one to the other. Whether it’s possible to make them work like that? :woman_shrugging:

And because it does not work like that, thats why i have this proposal. If you dobt want it, its also fine. I only think this would add an addiotional thing which the user has to think about, where to store what, how is the logostic between the warehouses. If I have a warehouse far outside and allow to store wood. They will fill it. But if i huild in the city something, a worker has to go out to take wood and come back.
But as I said, you do not have to convience me why this is like it is. This is just a proposal, i.am the last one who will be sad if you say: no we will not do it. :slight_smile:

Not me who decides, that’s down to the Crate devs. I’m just a fan like you.

Had the same thought in the back of my mind.
How am I going to handle resources in forward posts ?

But I was waiting to see how the game handles this use case as I haven’t really seen that in streams.
Seems like a guy with a cart goes and get the resources to bring them where they need to be. Hopefully he takes multiple things before going back to the main city rather than a single resource …

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Unless you build industry buildings outside of your town, work camps will be enough to do that. They stockpile wood and stone and a wagon comes by and picks the resources back and hauls them back to the city where they are used.

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